1. avatar Mark1985
  2. avatar Fuzz89
    DOD Flashback Fuzz, superb condition.
    Guyatone MC3, mint boxed mij.
  3. avatar Matt Novak
    Akai W1 multi wah? Cool 90's envelope filter and pedal wah. Actually if either of you guys fancy a swap let me know :)
  4. avatar Fuzz89
    chorus for the Wah?
  5. avatar Mark1985
    Thanks for the offer dudes but I wouldn't be interested in any of those. Cheers anyway.
  6. avatar Matt Novak
    pm'd you Fuzz89 :)
  7. avatar Mark1985
  8. avatar Mark1985
  9. avatar Mark1985
  10. avatar Strativarius
    Sent you a PM bud,