1. avatar ken
    play on the main stage at the main fiestival in Canada this september, flights and accomadition paid for. for 4days. last years winners from Ireland were a belfast band, you could be next,for futher detials contact shorelinerehearsalstudio@yahoo.co.uk with detials ie. type of band etc
  2. avatar iain
    What festival is it?
    Who were last year's winners?
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    More detials, please.
  4. avatar Daveitferris
  5. avatar EWRyan
    so.....submissions are closed then?
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes. They were closed two days before this was posted, apparently. :lol:
  7. avatar Strong Reaction
  8. avatar Turais
    what was the point of posting this and why hold back on the details being requested?
  9. avatar loveisthelaw
    Is this Ken Pappenfus?
  10. avatar whipchorus
    Ken Barlow from Sebadoh.
  11. avatar whipchorus
    What's a 'fiestival'? Is there now a Spanish-speaking population to rival the Quebecois? Do people take naps in between bands?
  12. avatar dynamoJoni
    Hey guys!! ... The Festival "Ken" is talking about is 'Envol Et Macadam' in Quebec City Canada.

    The winning belfast band, were in fact ourselves, DYNAMO (www.facebook.com/dynamoband)

    The competition is PlanetRox. The link Daveitferris posted was for entry to planetrox UK and did close yesterday.

    However we entered as Planetrox Ireland, which is where Ken is the rep for.

    According to the official festival site http://www.envoletmacadam.com/en/planetrox/ireland/ registration remains open for Ireland submissions until today so you may still have time.

    Despite the pretty vague information on here so far it is something worth being involved in.
    We did, as stated, win 4 days in Canada Travel/accommodation expenses paid and played to around five thousand on the Saturday night at the main festival site and had an amazing time and met some amazing people and bands from around the world.

    Try the line above or contact Ken, you'll also find a link to Envol and Planetrox Facebook pages from the DYNAMO page.
    Be good to see someone else local over there this year and show them how its done!!

    Good luck to anyone who has or intends to enter!! We loved it.

  13. avatar savoy truffle
    Fair play, Dynamo.

    Ken, however, could brush up on his promotion skills :D
  14. avatar dynamoJoni
    Cheers man. It was a fantastic experience, unfortunately literally on the flights home our bass player returned to Uni in Northampton and DYNAMO returned to our lengthy hiatus. But an incredible time was had.

    And yes I agree. they could be a little better! :lol:
    Especially as I'm sure there are a lot of bands who would love to have a go at what is genuinely a great opportunity.

    For anyone who still needs more information Check out the festival website or facebook page or PlanetRox page on facebook. Here are some links.