1. avatar chrisjedijane
    Up in the attic's on again tomorrow (tuesday) night, featuring




    come on down and treat your ears to some beautiful noise - you know it makes sense!!!
  2. avatar Speed Demon
    Planning to be there. I found out recently I used to know one of the Beat Poets.

    The question is: what calibre of hardware do I need to be packing to get into the city centre from the M1? Are you feeling lucky, punk?
  3. avatar chrisjedijane
    i'd say at least an armoured car and a platoon of riot cops. and a dog.

    then what's more, when you get there you have to endure/enjoy the unstoppable sonic assault that is jedi jane ;)
  4. avatar Mikeymoko
    i think a few of the Tokens are going to see this 'un

  5. avatar GrahamSmith
    Looking forward to this one :)

  6. avatar chrisjedijane
    bumpity bump
  7. avatar Stevie Mac
    this is still happening, right? goddamn these spidey little chavmeisters and their feuds, it's disrupting the local music scene!!!
  8. avatar VM
    Yeah, I have heard no word on whether this is still happening with all the madness of the weekend??
  9. avatar jenniemcc
    Well folks, the show must go on

    Yes indeedy, Up in the Attic will go ahead as planned. We're not afraid of the scummers are we? Oh, except for the ones that stole my bag last week. B@stards.

    Come one come all for the musical stylings of :

    BEAT POETS www.thebeatpoets.com
    RIVALS www.rivalsmusic.co.uk
    JEDI JANE http://jedijane.tripod.com

    Doors @ 9pm
  10. avatar Speed Demon
    The Rivals are very tight, very musical and they get some big, atmospheric grooves going on. For me though, not enough variety in their songs.

    No such criticism can be levelled at Jedi Jane, who tend to go for several tempo changes, new melodies and instumental variations in every piece. Plus they played a storming version of "Psycho Killer".

    The Beat Poets are in may ways a good old-fashioned rock band, but they definitely "have something". Frontman John has a great personality for the job, and like the other band members, has an eye to "stagecraft" and keeping the punters interested. You do not expect a singer to do a verse lying flat on his back on your pub table for example...

    It was a pity that worries about street trouble seem to have kept the numbers down, plus people started slipping away quite early, presumably concerned about getting home. By the end of the evening, the Beat Poets were playing to only about 20 people, but to their credit, still put their hearts into it.
  11. avatar Stevie Mac
    I really wanted to see the Rivals but one mate was stuck outside Belfast and didn't want to risk driving in, and another just bailed on me.

    Hopefully I'll see them at the Rosetta later in the month, if this sectarian stupidness dies down by then.
  12. avatar VM
    It was a weird night, with Belfast like a ghost town I was pleasantly surprised at the numbers even if they were small. Auntie Annies have definately come on leaps and bounds since the last time I was at a gig there and I have to say we enjoyed the night.

    Jenny is doing a great job and encourage people to get their asses down there and support this night!

    Thanks to all who turned up!
  13. avatar jenniemcc
    Yeh I really appreciate the people that stuck around, and braved the riots to be there!

    All the bands played brilliantly despite numbers being smaller than usual.

    I think everyone who was there had a fab time, and that's the main thing right?!!

    Next UITA is 27th Sept, and features Tin Pot Operation, Schreinein & Grand Central. More info to follow.........
  14. avatar Mick-e
    Took my bee-atch down to this, we were well impressed.

    Totally missed Jedi Jane which sucked, seen the end of the rivals who seemed alright, and the Beat poets who are just class live. Them new songs are clinkers orf tunes, especailly 'Smile,' the one before stars staring down, and bloodline.

    Cant wait to see them again at the Empire on the 29th, with delaware (who ive heard alot about but yet to see), indigo fury and some one else.

    Ooga Booga.
  15. avatar jenniemcc
    Just found out that Beat Poets are also supporting the Revs on 16th October as part of their Irish Tour. Nice! Revs get a lot of hassle, but they're a talented bunch with plenty of energy on stage. Should be a good gig.