1. avatar NLP
    We are New level Promotions, we are a group of people that organises and promotes music events in Lurgan.

    The next event we have booked is [b:374a7a4fd2]friday the 2nd of March[/b:374a7a4fd2] which will be a [b:374a7a4fd2]metal night[/b:374a7a4fd2].

    Any bands interested in performing at the event please send us an email to newlevellurgan@hotmail.co.uk, please include some mp3 tracks or links towards your music.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. avatar MilesProductions
    Too soon for now, but we'd be interested around April. Would you guys be able to pay transport expenses?
  3. avatar MilesProductions
    double posted, apologies
  4. avatar damncar

    Give our songs a listen here.. http://soundcloud.com/podracer/x-ray
    And if you think we'd fit into one of your events give us a holler on our Facebook page..
    Sounds like a cool wee setup yiz have there B-)
    All the best,
    Damien (Podracer)