1. avatar The Buscemis
    My first post!
    Singer required for Belfast based band, open to singer/guitarists.

    [url=http://soundcloud.com/g_cloud/sets/band-songs-jams/]Some samples here...[/url]
  2. avatar The Buscemis
  3. avatar TheElectricMoccasins
    Hahahaha, class name!
  4. avatar The Buscemis
    Yeah, took a while but we like it!
  5. avatar whipchorus
    Makes me think why no one's thought of it before

    Well done fellas.
  6. avatar The Buscemis
  7. avatar Sorcha
    Male or female? What kind of stuff do you do?
  8. avatar The Buscemis
    Open to Male or Female singers, theres a link to some instrumental recordings on the first post
  9. avatar The Buscemis
  10. avatar The Buscemis
  11. avatar The Buscemis
    Friday Bump
  12. avatar The Buscemis
    Bump Time
  13. avatar catlogan
    You guys have an email address you's can be contacted on? cheers
  14. avatar The Buscemis
  15. avatar The Buscemis
  16. avatar The Buscemis
    We have studio time tomorrow if anyone is interested in coming down, arrangements will be made with anyone who has emailed and pm'd
  17. avatar The Buscemis
    Ok,no luck so far, interested parties didn't work out or were no shows. So last attempt on fastfude! Auditions are planned for Sunday afternoon, 1pm onward. Anyone interested please pm or email, thanks
  18. avatar lincsman
    where's the auditions?
  19. avatar The Buscemis
    Auditions are in Belfast, just outside of the city centre
  20. avatar lincsman
    i might be interested if you let me know where they are. my old band was the c64s. www.thec64s.co.uk but we've all gone our seperate ways now and i'm looking to join a new band.
  21. avatar The Buscemis
    If your up for it ill send you a song list dude.
  22. avatar The Buscemis
    Thanks to everyone thats been in touch everyone should have the details for Sunday.

    We have a few more slots for anyone else intrested in in coming down to our studio on Sunday to audition, if you are email or PM to make arrangements.