1. avatar Portrush Playhouse
  2. avatar flynns
    good night all round and glad to see something worthwhile.funny how the local 'musicians' who moan about supporting live acts were nowhere to be see...again.
  3. avatar leesub60
    yes, with a stellar line up like that it's hard to see where you went wrong. oh, wait....
  4. avatar flynns
    i didnt organize it...the point was locals bitch about nobody coming out to live gigs yet stay at home when it's not on their tuff..if anyone genuinely gave a damn then young bands good or bad aint the point.
  5. avatar dolphinbastrd
    who are these whinging bitch whores your on about flynns??? name and shame them >>>>>
  6. avatar flynns
    ha! i'd say let them come and defend themself but they cower privately on facebook or twitter ;)
  7. avatar dolphinbastrd
    just watched a video on facebook from one of the bands and it looked like the 6 people who attented where ot their face on some new drug of the internet mega lolz
  8. avatar flynns
    :lol: the buckfast monks must have something new on the streets and very much up their sleeves.
  9. avatar dolphinbastrd
    one guy did the splits in it i repeat one guy did the splits ha
  10. avatar Portrush Playhouse
    Thanks to everybody who turned up to support the North Coast Music Collective's first Fundraiser. Just under 100 heads clicked in,not bad for the First night...Roll on the Next one!!! Plenty more events and 1 off gigs planned for the new year, watch this Space!!!