1. avatar the dirty weed

    Legendary existential punk-blues travellers The Immortal Lee County Killers make their Belfast debut in support of their forthcoming third album 'These Bones Will Rise To Love You Again' which is being released on Sweet Nothing Records (Soledad Bros, Nebula, 5678's, Von Bondies, Hellacopters etc) in September..

    These guys were bred on Skip James, Hound Dog Taylor, Stooges, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, Stax Records, John Lee Hooker, John Coltrane, and Pussy Galore. Combining these influences with their own uniqueness, ILCK play a new kind of music distinguished, but not limited, by their roots. The New York Press wrote, “The ILCK make The White Stripes look like a couple of blues prudes...the Killers violently slash and burn through the blues with nasty noise.”

    Support from Black Diamond Heavies & Clickfinger

  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Oh, blimey!
    They're a bit good, alright...
  3. avatar fortune cookie music
    hey kids, this saturday come see the real fuckin deal ok! for fans of blues explosion, make-up, soledad brothers, mc5, dirtbombs etc.. use it before you lose it!
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    This really deserves a

    They really are great, like.
  5. avatar the dirty weed
    shame i couldnae make this. how was it?

    anyone know who/what clickfinger is? who do they sound like? cheers
  6. avatar fastfude
    ILCC were making far more rock than the venue or PA could cope with, which is a shame, because they appeared to be great, I just couldn't make it out against the white noise.

    The band before them (Black Diamond Heavies?) were fucking fantastic though, shall be looking out for them again.

    Arrived too late to see first band, alas :/ Getting a taxi was not easy this weekend.
  7. avatar JennyHill
    For me, the lineup was backwards. I enjoyed the first band a lot more than the last one! None of them were really to my taste, though -- not a massive surprise to me, but at least I gave them a whirl.

    The singer in the first band was the spit of Eugene Levy, which amused me greatly :D
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    I missed all of it cos I had to work.
  9. avatar fortune cookie music
    i have 3 copies of the new ilck album going spare so the first three people to mail me with their name and address can have one!

  10. avatar fortune cookie music
    3 copies going out to stephen kerr, chris lindsay and joey sandinista (great name!).Enjoy!
  11. avatar T Entertainment
    Cheers, Darren!
    I am doomed never to see these people. They've even slept in my bloody flat and I ain't clapped eyes on them.
  12. avatar Damn Pest
    yeah nice one Darren, may even get a review done for our little e-zine.


  13. avatar Meerium
    darren, was the second band black diamond heavies? the really dirty blues stuff? loved that! thoroughly enjoyed ilck too, but that blues stuff really sold me!
  14. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Nice one Darren, thanks.
  15. avatar fortune cookie music
    yeah miriam, i thought they were the band of the night by far..