1. avatar MiltonG565
    My first post!
  2. avatar thefonz
    Who is judging? How much is the cash prize?
  3. avatar iain
    Don't pay to play. Have we not been through this before?
  4. avatar raggedglory
    Oh Jesus. Not this.
  5. avatar Brendzo
    fcuk what a money maker this would be

    round up 20 bands @ £15 = £300 have a cash prize of £100 (beer tokens for the bar) and spread it out over 4 weeks on a night were the bar is empty so you can cream of the drinks as well. P.S. bands must bring their own gear

    cheeky bastids
  6. avatar flightstrip
    if 20 bands pay 15 quid and the cash prize is 100 quid leaving 200 quid,does that even cover Pa,soundguy hire over the 4 weeks?plus maybe posters,possible room hire etc.jeez give the guys a break.lookin at the facebook its a bunch of keen young people just trying to get some good live music happening in ballymena.
    i suggest any money they may make would possibly come from the 3 quid entrance into the venues...wow!
    caldergate seems to have fucked anyones chances of running a battle of the bands ever again!!
    maybe in future a company or individual would perhaps sponsor a battle of the bands therefore doing away with the need for entrance fees etc?
  7. avatar Sadoldgit
    looks like youngsters, so I dont think its a money making scheme.

    BOTB generally are a setup, with the mates of the organisers winning, but if free to enter can be a bit of fun.
  8. avatar iain
    [quote=flightstrip]caldergate seems to have fucked anyones chances of running a battle of the bands ever again!![/quote]

    As soon as the ill-conceived Ma Nelson's battle of the bands was announced people were decrying the concept and warning people against it. It was merely one of the more recent in a long, long, long line of battle of the bands that promised much but delivered nothing.

    And lest we forget...

    [quote=flightstrip]Do NOT confuse Tina with those 'fly by night,pay to plays!' lot.[/quote]

    How sweet, innocence.
  9. avatar MiltonG565
    wow calm down guys. ill explain a bit more here. this is a project for our A-level. None of the organisers will get any money from this, all money made is going back into the music department to replace broken equipment (amps, guitars, drums) as the budget was cut again this year. We arent getting any money from the bar sales. Alot of equipment is supplied to speed along the transition between bands, although bands can bring along their own amp heads, cymbals etc. if they want to. We are trying our best to run a tight gig and an enjoyable night for everyone. judges are totally independant local musicians who will score each band to the same criteria, and will not be fixed. We have not fixed the amount of the cash prize yet, but that will be settled shortly and all entrants will be informed. Im sorry i didnt better explain myself before, but it would be a great support to us if you could enter, or even just come along and watch. We just thought this would be a good idea to have a bit of fun and hear some good music while doing our work at the same time. If there is anything you want to know about the event, email us at performing-arts@hotmail.co.uk and im sure we can answer any of your queries.
  10. avatar flightstrip
    fair do's to ye.
    'face palm' to iain!
  11. avatar Clint
    Have to say guys, I really think you should reconsider making the bands pay an entrance fee for this event. Considering they will be the reason that most of the crowd will turn up to support their friends of local talent, coupled with the fact that most of the bands will be new to the scene, and will probably be using a BOTB to gain live experience, is it really fair to charge them for the privilege as well?

    And I’m sure they will also provide most, if not all of the back line t’boot. Give them a break and put a cover charge on the door, promote the hell out of it, get everyman and their dog in over the event and make your money that way!
    The Fuders here are very against very vocal regarding pay to play gigs (quite rightly too) and you will lose this forum as a promotional tool, it will be swept away by people protesting it, and the credibility of the event will be lost completely....

    In fact Don’t make it a BOTB and just put on some showcase/charity gigs, do all the above regarding promotion, save yourselves the prize money for your musical needs, I’m sure you’d still get as many bands getting involved as to help the cause too...

    But I wish you the best with it, and hope you get the equipment replaced/fixed etc...
  12. avatar Ashley
    If the only reason for the bands paying to play is to raise cash for the prize, then why not just make it free to enter and not have a cash prize.

    Unless it's a really substantial amount of money, I think most bands would be more happy about being able to say they won (which always helps when looking for other gigs and progressing a bit) than getting cash. Once you split it between band members it would probably only cover their drinks for the night.
    Alternatively, you could try and get a sponsor. If there's any local recording studios or rehearsal rooms you could advertise those at the gigs and just ask them to offer some free recording/practice time to the winners. If they get exposure to all the bands entering, as well as the people coming down to watch, I'd say it would be a good deal for them.

    Personally, if I was entering this, it would just be to have a laugh and get a bit more gigging experience. Plus, if it's raising cash for a music dept, that's something all the bands will want to get on board with.

    Get rid of that entry fee!
  13. avatar MiltonG565
    ok guys, what we have decided to do is lower the entry fee, it will pretty much just cover the cost of the venue now, we are giving acash prize still, but we are going to ask our sponsor if they would donate some free practice space time for the winners. Sorry guys, but we cant make the entry fee any lower than £10, the venues arent that big and we have no idea how many people will turn up, we still have to make alot of the promotional flyers and things, and that will all cost money too. and please guys, just have a heart here, theres loads of talented kids in this school but they have nothing but broken rubbish to play. and we cant lose money at this or that money will have to come out of the music department budget. Its only 10 pounds the enter now, so a band of 5, thats only £2 each. I think thats fair.
  14. avatar Brendzo
    Seems genuine enough, apologies for the comment above because you didn't give a lot of information on the BOTB which could easily be perceived as a fixed event to scam folk but it looks like the polar opposite.

    Good luck and I hope it fairs well! :D
  15. avatar goatboy
    Suck eggs, Iain. Suck eggs.
  16. avatar MiltonG565
    The prize for the winner is looking better as the days go on. talks atm of it being cash + 3 rehersals and 3 tracks recorded. unconfirmed yet, but will confirm in the next few days. also looking at making the sets longer. it's hard to say no to that.
  17. avatar MiltonG565
    Dates and Prizes to be confirmed in the next week. PM me if you want an entry form :)
  18. avatar alfiewisener
    My first post!
    you have no idea how hard it would be to spread £200 over four weeks. PA Sound guy posters promters travel gear hire possibly light venue rent possibly
    plus £100 aint bad for a prize
    support this thing not much else going and won't do any harm
  19. avatar MiltonG565
    Thanks @alfiewisener. None of us honestly had any idea of scams when we started planning this event, and im sorry that previous experience has made some of you shy away from events like this. we dont have 20 entries, and there is plenty of space left for bands and soloist. At the minute, it looks like the dates are being pushed back due to the venue being booked. so more time for bands to get in some practice and perfect their setlist :)
  20. avatar ktk360
    we'd be interested, dont kknow how to pm ya tho, get back to me bout the entry form
  21. avatar MiltonG565
    ok man, if you just drop us a line at performing-arts@hotmail.co.uk and we can send you out the entry form. join the facebook group to keep up to date as the dates and prizes havent been finalised yet. :)
  22. avatar MiltonG565
    Alright folks, got the prize sorted today. the winner of the competition will recieve £100 in cash, and also win 3 practice sessions and record a 3 track EP (courtisy of The Music Rooms, Ballymena). Dont pass it up. get your entry form today. dates to be finalised soon.
  23. avatar MiltonG565
    There's still time for bands to get an entry form. just send an email to performing-arts@hotmail.co.uk
  24. avatar ktk360
    whens the cutoff for sending back the entry form?
  25. avatar MiltonG565
    That will be announced when we have the dates finalised. the bowling club backed out from the deal as they had issues with previous bands playing, so we are searching for a new venue. ktk360, if you have an entry form complete, send it in, and we will keep you updated on the orgainsing of the event.
  26. avatar MiltonG565
    We hope to have the heats around mid february. There is still time to get your entry form :)