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    [size=18:15ea7575df][b:15ea7575df]KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN (HRVATSKI)

    [size=18:15ea7575df]THE BUNKER (LAVERYS MIDDLE BAR)
    DOOR: 9 TAX: 5[/size:15ea7575df]

    [size=18:15ea7575df][b:15ea7575df]KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN (HRVATSKI)[/size:15ea7575df][/b:15ea7575df]
    "Keith Fullerton Whitman is not only far ahead of the rest of the
    electronic world, he is paving the roads that others will soon be traveling

    Keith Fullerton Whitman has recorded and released music under a number of pseudonyms, most notably Hrvatski. Hrvatski has appeared on more compilations than you can shake a stick at and criss-crossed the globe laying down breakbeat-concrete for the kids.

    Keith's new solo endeavour, "Multiples", recorded during his tenure as
    lecturer at Harvard University, fuses drifting drones with the mash-ups,
    glitches, and sonic assaults of his previous works into one beautiful
    cohesive work. "Multiples" also shows Whitman to be as adept and comfortable
    in creating amazing textures with analog instruments as he is in using the
    latest in digital sound design, making it seem like an eight-song cycle
    paying homage to the electronic forefathers, such as Stockhausen and
    Schaeffer, while pushing the envelope for his contemporaries whom he has
    aligned himself with – [b:15ea7575df]Kid 606[/b:15ea7575df],[b:15ea7575df] V/VM[/b:15ea7575df], [b:15ea7575df]Sh1tmat[/b:15ea7575df]. The eight tracks on Multiples flow through hi-hat shimmer to skull-scraping electronic tones to interlocking clusters of repetition.

    [b:15ea7575df]Keith will perform his solo works and that of his alter-ego – "Hrvatski" -
    at The Bunker (Laverys Middle Bar) on the 14th of September. [/b:15ea7575df]


    [url=http://www.rinky.org/kfw01.mp3]Keith Fullerton Whitman - Lixus (Version Analogique)[/url]
    [url=http://www.rinky.org/hrv01.mp3]Hrvatski - Vatstep dsp[/url]

    Support comes from two staples of pioneering local net-label [url=http://www.electrotoxic.com]www.electrotoxic.com[/url], Filaria and Iso9

    David Baxter aka Filaria has been melting our heads with hectic acid inflected synthetic music that's equally crammed with ideas and emotion for a long time now, and not content with this has started incorporating clarinet, bass guitar, drums, and many other instruments into his tracks and live shows.
    Schizoid beatmeister and seasoned performer, David Baxter makes electronic music mostly of an abstract and sometimes melodic nature trying hard to keep it in an original and improvised manner.
    Filaria have opened for the likes of Venetian Snares and Plaid.

    [url=http://www.electrotoxic.com/audio/%5Betx003%5D_filaria_-_winsor_terrace_acid.mp3]Filaria - Windsor Terrace Acid[/url]
    [url=http://www.electrotoxic.com/audio/%5Betx003%5D_filaria_-_strungfellow.mp3]Filaria - Strungfellow[/url]
    [url=http://www.electrotoxic.com/audio/%5Betx003%5D_filaria_-_belly_cotton.mp3]Filaria - Belly Cotton[/url]
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    nothing about iso9 then?

    im a big fan of the press release
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    less said the better ;)
  4. avatar theonset
    i just realised that i wont be here for this. it makes me feel warm and happy though that electric music is gettin it's end away more in belfast, after all it was named after the orbital song.
  5. avatar Bananaman
    I saw this on the tour section on the southern lord website and was surprised it hadn't been mentioned already. This sounds like it should be a nice gig. I endeavour to attend.
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    poster, bump
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    who needs blurb anyway, the Pete Jez school of musical review;

    Keth Fullerton Whitman - f uckin amazin
    Filaria - f uckin amazin
    Iso9 - f uckin amazin
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    check out those max/ MSP patches!
  11. avatar the dirty weed
    hup ye go
  12. avatar rinky
    If you're a fan of Matmos, Mouse On Mars, Kid606, Sh1mate or V/VM - check this out. Keith's performances are a rarity on these shores and a combined KFW/Hrvatski set promises to be a bit special - listen to the MP3s in the first post
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    up for the boogie and the disco!
  14. avatar dodgi stereo
    is it ethical to use the flyer subliminally in the visuals at the eg tonight?
  15. avatar Iso9
    certainly. i'll be handing out flyers too sure. good idea cap'n.
  16. avatar rinky
    class idea Barry :)

    I'll drop those flyers into the eg tonight.
  17. avatar rinky
  18. avatar the dirty weed
    first act - 10pm.

    hrvatski has a cool beard. worth a fiver on it's own.
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  20. avatar Iso9
    i playing for about an hour, aye?
  21. avatar rinky
    grand so.
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    triple grand DECAF latte for those of us who must stay off the rink:)
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    hey lads. does your mixer take phono inputs, or would i need to get 1/4" jacks leads? seem to have lost em..d'oh!
  26. avatar gl2200
    [quote:51cd7f8733="Iso9"]hey lads. does your mixer take phono inputs, or would i need to get 1/4" jacks leads? seem to have lost em..d'oh![/quote:51cd7f8733]

    Either is good: I'll have my standard bag full of more leads than you can shake a proverbial stick at anyhow when I'm setting up the PA, so no worries on that front.
  27. avatar Iso9
    sound. cheers.
  28. avatar rinky
    Keith Fullerton Whitman's set tonight will be accompanied by some of his stop motion film work. More info [url=http://www.keithfullertonwhitman.com/projects/stopmotionfilms.html]here[/url]

    + Visuals courtesy of Dodgi Stereo.
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    bump again
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    this was fab - cheers guys.