1. avatar patrickmcferran
    Hey my name is Patrick and I'm a singer songwriter who's looking to form a band to accompany me at singer songwriter nights, and bring me into the band scene of northern Ireland. If you want to listen to me you can do so on myspace @ www.myspace.com/kavosernie. I've also another few songs which I've yet to record which are getting a great reception at singer songwriter nights. I'm looking for pretty much everything, bass, lead guitar, maybe keyboards, drums/percussion. I'd love to meet another songwriter to help me with writing songs as well.

    I love bands like the beatles, the stones, oasis, u2, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Cast, the verve, Muse, Biffy Clyro. I've been sort of inspired by the nineties stuff as that was when I started playing. I have a very unique voice so anything we do will already be experimental!!

    I'm 30 yo, and am presently unemployed so this is pretty much all I'm doing atm.

    My e-mail address is pmcf4@hotmail.co.uk or feel free to get in touch on here.
  2. avatar Daveitferris
    Great influence list dude. Best of luck with the search!
  3. avatar patrickmcferran
    Hey guys forgot to mention that I'm Belfast based. Bump
  4. avatar patrickmcferran
  5. avatar patrickmcferran
  6. avatar Chris 26
    Patrick hows it going , have you had any luck with your search for a band.
    At the minute my own band, a 4 piece, are in need of a quality singer and you would suit the bill. Our influences are pretty much the same , stones beatles oasis etc
    We are all in our late 20`s have been together now about 8 months practise twice a week and are all from belfast.

    Any original material we would be more than welcome to play as well.

    Give me a shout back if interested.

    Cheers Chris
  7. avatar patrickmcferran
    Hey Chris, I've just got together with a guy and we're doing some stuff, but I don't think there'd be any harm in meeting up. Send me an e-mail to pmcf4@hotmail.co.uk and we'll chat a bit more.
  8. avatar patrickmcferran
  9. avatar musicman81
    Hi Chris 26, I am 29 and have plenty of experience both in bands and as soloist, Im a R.Guitarist and singer and looking to get back out playing. Gimme a shout if your still on the look out for a singer
  10. avatar patrickmcferran
    Hey musicman if you want to give me a shout to pmcf4@hotmail.co.uk we can talk. I'm pretty sure chris is replying to everyone that posts and this isn't his post.. send me an e-mail if your interested in forming a band with me