1. avatar Bronzeman

    I'm a drummer who loves 70/80s classic rock - Whitesnake, Zepplin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Gallagher etc....

    Looking to get involved in a band with like-minded individuals who want to rock out for fun and frolics!

    Get in touch!
  2. avatar flightstrip
    hey ive a bassist ,guitarist n singer just waitin 4 a decent classic rock drummer!u can contact me on flightstrip@aol.com or this o2 number 07894 645 881 ;)
  3. avatar big_hi_boi_man
    YES im in.... im a guitarist. where are you based?

    [url=http://soundcloud.com/nigel-j-1]soundcloud jam[/url]

    youll get me on 07834457627

  4. avatar Overdrive
    Hey, id be up for this!! Guitarist, tons of experience. Can do a little vocals if required..gimme a shout!
  5. avatar flightstrip
    soz dude ,cdnt text u back...damn u non o2 users!will speak 2 other guys bout it n arrange summat 4 nxt week;)
  6. avatar Jemster
    Oooh yes, plenty up for this - I play both guitar & bass, although some difficulty managing both at the same time ;) 20 years experience in & outta bands.

    Looking for some light-hearted rockin' out with enough commitment to do regular practices & gigging. Whereabouts?

    Drop me a PM if interested...
  7. avatar mikec84
    Hi Guitarist here, years of experience jamming and gigging.wold love to get involved. Give me a call at 07584402549 anytime!
    where yo based?
  8. avatar Bronzeman
    Thanks all for great responses. Have had 4 guitarists, 2 bassists, and 2 singers interested so far! I'm based in Belfast. Will contact individuals over this weekend and see what happens.