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    Up for Monday.
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    Still here and still open to offers.:D
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    I'm only selling this because I bought a Blackstar HT5 and can't justify having three guitar amps when I only ever gig on bass guitar. So it's down to one amp only for me.

    (The other amp is a VHT Special 6 which is a truly brilliant wee amp, I actually prefer the clean sound on the VHT to the Blackstar and the Blackstar costs twice the cost of the VHT. They are a serious bargain.)

    The Roland is an excellent amp too, not a valve amp, but the modelled sounds are very good, ranging from AC30, Marshall, Fender Tweed, Mesa Boogie etc, and a very convincing acoustic channel. Also there are built-in effects like delay, flanger and chorus. All that means you can create a massive range of sounds. The Cube is easily loud enough to gig as well. (Not for metallers maybe.) Lots of good reviews online.

    I'll chuck in a free footswitch which I think is still boxed.