1. avatar frontman2011
    I have for trade my rare, highly upgraded and well cared for Fender 2002 Mex 'Tangerine' (actually called Candy Capri Orange) 70s re-issue Strat. They didnt make too many of these, hence the first one I seen...i bought. This being it. Pickups have been recently upgraded to Fender Tex-Mex :) Alnico firey SRV right through to the classic Gilmour/Clapton Tones. But hearing it bridge pickup on the OD1 channel of my marshall is just pure sex.

    This guitar doesnt suffer from the weak lifeless bridge pickup syndrome standard strats have. This one roars raunchy SRV tone when the dirt is applied.

    Quality of these are vastly superior to recent "Players" series in build. Id still condsider a half decent players series as long as it has the maple neck and is in good order.


    Rare "Tangerine" finish.
    Mint green scratchplate/backplate
    1970s profile neck with larger vintage headstock.
    Glossy maple neck, smooth fast player :)
    Tight grained dark rosewood board lemon oiled reguarly :)
    Medium profile frets
    Kluson machine heads
    Fender Jimmy Vaughan Tex-Mex pickups fitted recently (have box to prove)
    CTS electrics with tone controls on Bridge and Neck
    Bone nut
    Aged pickup covers and knobs
    Fender stamped saddles.
    Setup for 10s

    Amazing colour, subtle without being overpowering. Looks great with the green plate.
    This guitar is in showroom condition. Rare enough to find in any order this guitar is mint and in perfect order, played at home only. Serious Dave Gilmour tone out of this thing!
    Amazing player has had great setup and any work done on her has been professionally carried out to high standard.

    Looking a trade for a strat with a maple neck. this is a personal preference only and main reason for trade.

    PM please with offers, based in belfast.

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  2. avatar Fuzz89
    Sweet blessed Harvey Keitel,
    if this was left handed (and yourself too)
    I'd gladly trade you my maple neck Strat.
    Good luck with the trade,
    this is a nice axe.
  3. avatar jab
    How much would you want for it rather than a trade?
  4. avatar frontman2011
    PM me with an offer, obviously I want a strat still, so it would need to be enough for me to pick up another 2nd hand one in bairds or whatever that suits me.... so a trade is more ideal for me, but if offer was right : shes yours.

    Again its a rare strat with some great upgrades. it plays like a blinder. Just wanting the maple neck to match my other strat. Thats just personal preference. Some others wouldnt play a strat without a rosewood board. Horses for courses.

    PS: Cheers Fuzz you know a good guitar when you see it. Im only trading it for the RIGHT strat as its a fucking amazing guitar.
  5. avatar scumbag
    in the looks dept, my all time favourite combination for a strat is vintage white body / maple neck. i think that is an amazing look for a strat, and no I dont like malmsteen at all. gotta say though, the tangerine body / rosewood neck looks different in a really cool way, in many years of playing i aint ever come across that colour scheme.
  6. avatar frontman2011
    They really didnt make too many, a few hundred at most in that finish....and the photos dont do the guitar justice. Its different without being harsh, its as subtle as a fiesta red or cream...only its a shade of orange. Its fucking retro.

    Ive kept it good all these years, im not kidding it plays amazingly. I was sitting with it tonight playing cradle rock by rory gallagher on it! Big tone

    Im just wanting the maple board to compliment my Jimmy Vaughan - as you said with white body and maple neck. I got that from Chuffola a while back.

    But its horses for courses, i know some strat players who hate a maple board. I dont hate this one at all. i find it very beautiful to play just i reckon someone else would dig it better than i do.

    Whoever trades this with me will be making a decision they will not regret!

    Im prob mad for even trading it to begin with!
  7. avatar Biff
    I have a white Mex Strat with a maple neck that you might be interested in.

    I bought it in 2006 and it has been played very little. It has been in a soft case in my bedroom in my parents house since 2008. Officially it is an olympic white colour but it has matured into a whiteish blonde. I'm sure it needs a set-up and a change of strings (!) but it is a great player. I hardtailed it (though I still have the whammy bar as well as all of the papers and documents) and it was the most reliable Strat I had at that time when playing in bands with my mates. I always wished I had gotten a rosewood neck though (again just to personal preference)

    I can't stop thinking about that guitar you have there!! Love the colour, the retro look, everything.

    I will post pics of my strat ASAP.

    Let me know what you think.
  8. avatar frontman2011
    Ill certainly have a look. Get some pics up sure of it. Especially of headstock front and back. If its the right mexican one ill consider it. Id need to see it. This strat i have is mint and id only be trading for something special, not just anything.
  9. avatar frontman2011
  10. avatar aphexfan2011
    hey man, i have a mexican strat w/ maple fretboard i would trade,
    it hasnt had a set up in a ridiculously long time though so would need some tlc

    anyway let me know if youre interested:

  11. avatar frontman2011
    nah man, not looking any guitars that need fixing. id rather keep this.

    in fact the more i play it i dont want to trade it
  12. avatar jab
    Can't get pm system to work, if you like it so much I wouldn't sell it..

    But I am tempted, could you pm me a price that you think its worth?
  13. avatar Biff
    I Think this is more of a vanity thread than anything.
  14. avatar frontman2011
    its not a vanity thing at all?

    im not going to swap a guitar for another one in a said condition if it doesnt suit me so thats just nonsense. so if someone comes to me and says....oh see that mint condish rare nice orange strat you have....well i have this maple necked thing lying in a corner for a couple of years strings are rusted and it prob needs a good setup to make it play right.....who in the right mind would trade????

    Im looking a trade, whether the right guitar comes along is another thing.
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  15. avatar SimonC
  16. avatar frontman2011
    Hi Simon

    PM sent back!
  17. avatar frontman2011
  18. avatar frontman2011
    bump still open to offers.
  19. avatar frontman2011
  20. avatar kinta1
    nice guitar ryan
  21. avatar VimFuego
    Does your other account create too much unwanted attention Ryan ?
  22. avatar frontman2011
    Cheers Gav. How did the Empire go?

    Shes a great playing strat. I just cant get the whole rosewood board thing. I had traded a Sheraton for Chuffolas Jimmy Vaughan strat a while back and i prefer its maple neck hence this trade.

    Then some people i know hate maple fretboards and prefer the rosewood.

    Each to their own. As i said its a rare colour of a strat and im in no hurry to get rid unless the right guitar comes along.
  23. avatar frontman2011

    still perhaps for trade.

    looking a nice fender amp or maple neck strat/tele
  24. avatar frontman2011
  25. avatar sloppyjoe

    Not far off the mark there, is it?