1. avatar Turais
    Very sad to see Jack Ryans/The Hideout close in Warrenpoint.
  2. avatar forevertwisted
    Sad to see this, was a great venue.

    Must note that any gigs that we're due to be placed here under the 'Hide Out' banner will be relocated to alternative venues so gigs are not being cancelled if anyone thought otherwise.
  3. avatar Turais
    And to make matters even worse, I've just heard that Dermot McQuaid's music shop up the street is closing at the weekend!
  4. avatar Nature*Boy
    Terrible news, Dermot is one of the nicest guys I've ever met.
  5. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Superb venue. shame.
  6. avatar thedrumtech
    What happened to the venue? Aww what is happening to the world? internet is ruining EVERYTHING, people say stay local and support your local shop...but it's not true, I know many many of us price then go on the internet and buy stuff...it's making it impossible to run a muisic shop and make money out of it...I think the internet is partly the death of music as we know it..Jedward is the other part :P but seriously, so sad to see ANOTHER shop going! what is happening to the world? guys, SUPPORT SHOPS LIKE THIS, the internet is great, mayb a BIT cheaper (not much with postage all the time), but an internet can't do instant refunds, recomendations, or have experianced staff on hand locally...support local shops like this, you're supporting jobs, the economy, the thing we love (this IS a musicians forum after all right?) but most of all, you'll miss the shops when they r gone!

    Damn shame if you ask me!
  7. avatar Turais
    Funny I was talking to a local bass player on the phone this evening who lives about 4 miles from Warrenpoint and I was telling him about the shop closing and he was saying that he hasn't had a chance to call in since Dermy opened a few years ago. Any wonder it's going out of business if local players aren't supporting it.
  8. avatar Chi-Lite
    Just for the sake of starting an argument, why should we SUPPORT SHOPS LIKE THIS if we can get cheaper and far more variety on the internet?

    Not that i don't have sympathy for the guy, but he could always start up an internet shop, which is where all the business is. and his overheads would be lower. And then we'd all still be supporting the economy, jobs etc, but with the added bonus of cheaper stuff and infinitely more variety.

    I just don't neccessarily buy this "local is great" ballix we're always getting hit with. Support local shops, support local bands. sorry, no, if I can get better deals and better music elsewhere, I will, and fuck the locals. Maybe if the locals spread their wings a bit further and sropped being so parochial they'd have more variety/make better music.

  9. avatar Geordie_Da
    I agree with Chi-Lite. Some of the locals frankly just don't seem to be trying. For instance compare the website of Matchetts Music (a shop I like and trade in) with other music shops in the UK - it's pathetic. It's not the "internet" that's killing local shops - it's other shops doing things better than the locals can be arsed to do themselves.

  10. avatar Chi-Lite
    People need to realise we're living in the global age here. Brotherhood of Man and all that. I'm as happy to support a shop in Mumbai as a shop in Banbridge. But the one in Mumbai's probably better
  11. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    The fules need to branch out, like "Sport n' Sound" in Ballyclare. Tell me where on the 'internet' you can get a Ballyclare High PE Kit and a Hawaiian guitar in one handy transaction. Long live the microcosm.
  12. avatar forevertwisted
    Have sympathy myself for the music shop although, Warrenpoint does have a small(generally speaking) population and the fact that there already is a Music shop in Newry (only 4/5 mile away) its not suprising that it shut.

    The venue closed down because the pub which housed it closed down, not sure why it closed down to be honest, its the 3rd in the town to close this past year so presumably business wasnt booming enough. Was a great spot but no doubt Mark will find a more than adequate replacement.
  13. avatar spectator
    shame !
  14. avatar csguitar
    Chi-Lite, you cant just decide to open an online shop and close your shop front and hope to keep over heads down, with a mindset of, you have to be in it to win it!! Suppliers such as Fender, JHS, Gibson, FCN, Stentor, etc etc, wont supply to you unless, 1. you have a shop front or 2. are willing to buy tens of thousands of pounds worth of equipment at a time.

    Small shops in Warrenpoint, or Belfast for that matter cant compete with online shops such as Thomann, no matter how hard they try with offers and free delivery etc. Some online prices are so low, the online shops can only actually make a profit on their delivery costs. how can local shops compete with that??

    Ive worked in a music shop with a very strong internet presence, and the suppliers again, put so many restrictions on what you can do in store and online, and will only allow you to price the same if you buy more and more from them.

    its a tough business, so please do support your local shops as much as you can
  15. avatar Chi-Lite
    But why?

    I agree with you that it's a tough business. The thing is though, that makes it good for the consumer. Why should I pay more and choose from a smaller range? It is a tough business - that's because so many good companies are offering so much. For me, that's a good thing. I know it's a bad thing for local businesses, but then, their small range and high prices are a bad thing for me.
  16. avatar whosbainejakey
    The Hideout was a much better small/medium venue than anything we have in Belfast in terms of layout/vibe/sound. I was very jealous when I went to see LaFaro and Dirty Stevie there some months ago.

    What are the circumstances of its closure?

    EDIT: aha: "The venue closed down because the pub which housed it closed down, not sure why it closed down to be honest, its the 3rd in the town to close this past year so presumably business wasnt booming enough. Was a great spot but no doubt Mark will find a more than adequate replacement."

    Economic malaise, then. Hopefully some enterprising publican will pick it up and continue to use it as a live music venue.
  17. avatar csguitar
    fair point, but i guarantee that if there is something you are looking for and they have it in stock, (strings, leads or pedals etc) you would still go and buy it online! even if it works out the same price after postage, where as you could give someone local a turn.

    You'll never know when you will be in the position when a pedal breaks, or some equipment gets stolen and you have a gig that night, and you are running about looking for a music shop for a replacement and cant find one because they're all shut down, because everyone was shopping online.

    Internet will be no use then!!
  18. avatar the_rev
    or you could do what i do. i price online first, and then go into matchetts and ask them to match the price. believe it or not they actually do and are happy to, and just mention to them that you would rather give them the business. they thanked me for that the other day, even tho i got a pack of drum heads £7.50 cheaper. they are dead on guys, who would do what they could to help ya (or at least thats the way they have been to me) and if matchetts were to close, the next closest music shop to me is bangor, whatever you call it.
  19. avatar Nature*Boy
    Whilst I agree with this...

    [quote:d32f2393df]its a tough business, so please do support your local shops as much as you can[/quote:d32f2393df]

    ...I agree with this...

    [quote:d32f2393df]small range and high prices are a bad thing for me[/quote:d32f2393df]

    ...even more so.

    I wish there was a local store that stocked the gear I'm interested in and like to buy, I wish I didn't have to order [b:d32f2393df]virtually everything[/b:d32f2393df] from Thomann, I wish I didn't have to look at palm-sized pic's and make educated-guesses as to the quality and playability of a piece of gear, I wish I could just walk into a local store and test everything before I buy it...and when it comes to paying - expecting to pay no more than 10% (at most) over the average online price for the same item/s, if not matched.

    Most places just seem to invest far too much in [b:d32f2393df]entry-level junk[/b:d32f2393df], the little 'good gear' instock is always overpriced, and sometimes even alittle worst for wear.

    Such is my experience of local stores.
  20. avatar mentaldeficiency
    Have to echo the points of chi-lite. I always have sympathy for anyone who has a business that goes under but this attitude of support local for the sake of it is completely fucking stupid.

    If your business isn't doing well you need to up your game, simple really. Instead of sitting around and blaming the customers you can promote the unique selling point of your company, be innovative with technology and find more creative ways to generate business.

    There's also no reason why you can't have both a shop front and an area out the back to sell stuff online. Yes there's big sites like thomann but have you ever heard of ebay or amazon resellers? There's plenty of businesses that make a living selling through these methods that don't even have their own website. I buy off them all the time.

    Not to mention the literally hundreds of other methods you can try to reach new customers, make profit and be successful.

    Sorry about the rant but the attitude of sitting around on your hole, blaming the internet and most importantly blaming potential customers for not giving you a pity-fuck really bothers me.

  21. avatar forevertwisted
    [quote:2ec05228fa]price online first, and then go into matchetts and ask them to match the price. believe it or not they actually do and are happy to[/quote:2ec05228fa]

    Im actually suprised by this, I remember going in a few years ago talking about an online price on GAK and they said they couldn't match it. Although this was a good 7 years ago before the whole downfall.
    Good to hear though!

    Buy all my stuff online purely for the reason, if businesses are sturggling with money it hardly means that we aren't either, gotta save where you can and I don't see the point in shelling out more money just for the sake of it being a local store.