1. avatar Steven Dedalus

    There's no point in using this site anymore, but I can't find a way of deleting my account?

    Anyone know how you do this?
  2. avatar Clive
    You could just not use it anymore, or would that not get sufficient attention?
  3. avatar deadpresidents
  4. avatar tinpot anto
    That single quip has made all of this hell worthwhile in my eyes. :-)
  5. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    I wanted to delete my account as well, but didn't know how.

  6. avatar Nature*Boy
    [quote:51cdd46730]SUICIDE PACT![/quote:51cdd46730]

  7. avatar gerry norman
    I must admit I still check FF most days but there's never anything of interest. Sure it's full of wankers like Steven Dedalus and Mickeycolensoparade whoever the fuck he is.
  8. avatar whipchorus
    Benefit concert to help FF get better? Front Page?
  9. avatar thefonz
    All joking aside its a pity FF has gone to the dogs cause it was a great site not that long ago, I still check it aswell but there's never that much of interest on it.
  10. avatar gavinearly
    Crazy, given almost a year to the day a prophet (or should that have been profit!) dared suggest that FASTFUDE = JUNKFUDE.......
  11. avatar Daveitferris
    It's run solely by a guy whose passion for NI music has died a LONG time ago.
    gimme the password to fastfude and i'll change it.
  12. avatar tinpot anto
    It is what you make it you pointless moaning biddies.
  13. avatar Geordie_Da
    I agree with tinpot...stop moaning about it being uninteresting and actually post something interesting yourself. But, you know what, I've had a glance through the posts and there's not that much junk - sure there's stuff I'm not interested in, but that's the way it is in music or any other area of taste.

  14. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    i've been on this forum for ages now...I don't see anything different.
    I DO find it ironic when someone decides to complain about worthless, pointless posters by making a worthless, pointless thread though:lol: .

    well done jsav...you may be a bit of a troll, but you succeed SPECTACULARLY:D !
  15. avatar fastfude
    This "Fastfude is shit now" thread isn't as good as the "Fastfude is shit now" threads we used to get [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=2170]ELEVEN YEARS AGO[/url].

    If only ezBoard hadn't exploded, we'd still have the "Fastfude is shit now" threads from 1999. But everyone back then is dead now, and rightly so.
  16. avatar Sadoldgit
    best place around for good gear...music gear that is.
    Have got some class stuff here as well as good advice as to where to get stuff on line.
  17. avatar belezabaub
    I enjoy imagining what people are like in real life.

    If I'm feeling particularly Columbo I try to find out.

    I've had some shocks in my time, believe you me.
  18. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Ahh, the Great EZboard crash of '05. RIP.
  19. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    Yes but can you delete your account?
  20. avatar greensleevesisgod
    You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave...
  21. avatar Fuzz89
  22. avatar BinaryOperator
    Y'know if it is really true that FF is getting progressively shittier - and has been for the last brazillian years then it is only logical that when it was launched it must have been THE BEST SITE IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE. Until somebody posted. THEN it began the never ending slide into SHITNESS.

    SHITNESS - like inverness but made of SHIT.

    is it too early to think about beer? Friday!
  23. avatar 10rapid
    It's the big crunch. We're hurtling towards the singularity of a wrecked scene and the whole thing has been intelligently designed (ahined?) by Feline1.
  24. avatar 3Ply Stagliano
    "SHITNESS - like inverness but made of SHIT"

    Surely that's still just Inverness?
  25. avatar Nature*Boy
    [quote:a95cd721b3]Surely that's still just Inverness?[/quote:a95cd721b3]

    ...or Newry.
  26. avatar sloppyjoe
    We must march on Fastfude and purify it of these rats, crusaders and unbelievers.
  27. avatar fastfude
    I note that Shit Ness is not [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Family-Ness#Nessies]listed on Wikipedia[/url]. Childhood nostalgia ruined.
  28. avatar Biff
    I'd give my left bollock to go back to Mon 24th Jan 2000.
  29. avatar whipchorus
    [quote:0520f1e8d2]We must march on Fastfude and purify it of these rats, crusaders and unbelievers.[/quote:0520f1e8d2]

    Yeah but what about Glenavon?
  30. avatar Daveitferris
    jeepers. roger, pass the baton to someone who actually cares and let's rejuvenate things.
  31. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    Or answer the initial question...
  32. avatar Daveitferris
    Roger will reply in exactly ; 13 weeks and 5 days mickey.
  33. avatar tinpot anto
    Fuck off Daveit, you put your life and soul into maintaining a website that takes 100,000's of hits a week for fuck all thanks and sucks cash out of your pocket then come back and complain about who cares.
  34. avatar iain
    For 13 years...
  35. avatar iain
    and also, just when everyone complains the site is shite, InProgWeTrust returns...COINCIDENCE!?
  36. avatar Daveitferris
    anto... you are getting at my point... give the reins to someone who actually cares. i respect rog to no end for his fastfude work, but he clearly doesn't give a fuck anymore, and as this is the first port of call for other folks (scots, english folks), then it's embarrassing. Give someone else the keys rog.. you clearly have too much on your place man!
  37. avatar tinpot anto
    Rog cares. You are a clueless twat if you can't see that. I care. go fuck yourself.
  38. avatar Daveitferris
    I am a clueless twat then because i think rog is a let-down. i feel so bad about myself anto.
  39. avatar The Stav
    Relax the kaks lads.

    Get out of this thread and have a juke at the ones below- I reckon Fastfude's just as good and just as shit as it's always been.

    No crisis just yet, but jsavluvsgeetarz or whatever the fuck he calls himself needs to go, and it's probably because of him this thread started in the first place. Roger was a bit slow on that one, but he's usually on the ball. It's cool, the rest of us are mostly dead on. Thank fuck.
  40. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    Give Rog a break FFS.
    What's he supposed to do, knock on people's doors and give them tips on how to be interesting?

    If people have nothing interesting to say (but say it anyway) how will putting the site, "into the reins of someone who cares," make the posts any more interesting?

    As for 'trolls', ignore them. It's a free site.
  41. avatar Daveitferris
    jsav for president!
  42. avatar Daveitferris
    jsavluvsgeetarz for mayor
  43. avatar tinpot anto
    Why not start your own forum Daveit? I'd love to see how interesting that is. :-)
  44. avatar Daveitferris
    Sure i did anto. modern software too! my NI-Music based website is to be launched soon. Board is at www.chordblossom.com/board
  45. avatar tinpot anto
    I'm sure it will be fantastic with you at the helm. Tell me how do you propose enforcing only interesting posts?
  46. avatar Daveitferris
    Who said that was my goal? that's the original poster's ideals. Not Mine. Have a re-read anto.
  47. avatar Clive
    I'm going to troll the shit out of chordblossom, for a science project. I bet you come on here plugging it too, which will have a pleasing irony.
  48. avatar Daveitferris
    Yes, clive, plugging my stuff on fastfude since 2000. Guilty.
  49. avatar iain
    That's it, I'm moving to chordblossom. I only use websites that have modern software behind them. Is it ruby on rails based, will it use paper.j? None of this php bollocks for me. Roger is soooo 1990s.
  50. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Checked back to see if there was any advice.

    Probably shouldn't have bothered.

    [quote:988f1c4989="Daveit Ferris"]Who said that was my goal? that's the original poster's ideals. [/quote:988f1c4989]

    I said no such thing, sir!

    My post (and this thread) was a simple question as to how I can delete my account, which - apparently - you can't.

    My reasoning for this stemmed from the fact that I was using the site to do some work, and turned up a whopping [size=200]1[/size] thread that was actually in some way related to new music that week.

    On top of that, the relentless spamming and descent into "You're a paedo" type threads just put me off.

    Not to mention the fact that anytime anyone posts anything interesting, it get's buried in the front page stream under an endless amount of crap.

    I'm just going to use other outlets (and probably begin my inevitable drift towards metalireland) to get my info / promote gigs / etc.

    I didn't complain about the site, I didn't say it was boring, etc, I just said there's no point in me using it anymore.

    And a quick scan today re-confirmed that opinion.

    So bye bye. y'all.
  51. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    [size=10:2395d42b1a]bet you post again...[/size:2395d42b1a]
  52. avatar Clive
    The front page looks like a healthy mix of new music, band news and gig info to me. I think you're wrong. I also bet you five pounds that you keep using this site, if only as a lurker out of spite.
  53. avatar Geordie_Da
    Today I went outside and met some great people. But there were lots of boring ones too, and a few others who shouted abuse and just tried to be obnoxious to others. So, to teach these bad guys a lesson I plan never to leave my house again.

  54. avatar Insect
    Fastfude clearly isn't shit though. I've been using it since my terrible little band got our first gig through it. We played with The Dangerfields, Goatboy and some guy called Spaniel, think he went under a different name though. Cormac punched some fella in the face and we thought that was just what punk bands did, turns out it was due to a long running situation but we stayed back anyway.

    I wish London had a nice wee musical community.

    I would like to see InProg and Rik from Rikmandu back again though.

    So there.
  55. avatar finbarmc
    I think that Roger has done a great job with Fastfude- it's a resource a lot of scenes don't have, and has done a lot for ours since it's inception.

    Apart from that it has provided me with some great laughs too!

    I do think that there are a lot of usability improvements that could be made however, and some features that could be improved.

    I was going to post a thread about this recently when it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to PM someone, but it's hard to do that without sounding like a tool!

    I would actually love to get involved in some capacity as I think it's a great thing, and could be even greater. And I'm a big nerd.
  56. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    [quote=finbarmc]I would actually love to get involved in some capacity[/quote]

    i've got it!
    you can be given the task of begging the ones who want to leave the forum to stay. that way you get to be involved, and they get the attention they're seeking.
    it's win/win all round!
  57. avatar theblackguard
    It's all Gary Lightbody's fault......the bastard.
  58. avatar savoy truffle
    Very entertaining thread.