1. avatar Zeek
  2. avatar pastshouldstaydead
    try ZOOM. They've got some pretty good stuff on a budget.

    if yo ucan go up a little, this is a pretty good unit, and it's got usb connectivity for easy recording.

  3. avatar anty2
    if youre interested in buying second hand Id sell you my Boss GT6 with power supply
  4. avatar Zeek
    I was actually looing at the GT6 online there. Is it in good nick? Much you looking and where are you based?
  5. avatar SimonC
    Save your cash up another 100 and get a TC Nova secondhand
  6. avatar Dee10th
    ive a boss me 50 for sale. £60 for it and the power supply and its in excellent condition.
  7. avatar Zeek
    wheere are you at dee?
  8. avatar Dee10th
    Lambeg, just outside lisburn so i can make it to there or belfast pretty easily.
  9. avatar Zeek
    ah no good to me today anyway. i'm in limavady and have no lift!
  10. avatar Dee10th
    you ever down these parts?
  11. avatar Zeek
    naw man, not really. I think I'm gona go with that other lad . Better pedal and I think he's a bit closer to me but if I coulda got near you today I woulda bought yours. Great price on it.