1. avatar Blue Note
    My first post!
    Hi, I`m involved with a new music site in the South. (www.themusicwindow.com). We`re trying to showcase some of the best emerging acts on the island of Ireland and all relevant info is on our site. We`ve been very impressed by a lot of the submissions from N.I. so far and 3 of these acts are featured in our Artists page. (Sethway from Ballymena, King Coma from Strabane, and Louis Mc Teggart from Enniskillen). If any of you looking on here would like to mail us a link to your music, then we`ll gladly take a listen. It`s completely free to feature on The Music Window, once selected, but we cant guarantee your inclusion as we select from a huge number of replies. Many thanks, Ger Regan
  2. avatar finbarmc
    1995 called.. They want their website back!
  3. avatar xsheriffx
    LOL i agree with fin, you're not really going to get much positive attention with a website like that, not to sound like a dick but it looks like something thrown together with microsoft frontpage, throw a few tables and gradients here and there. By the looks of it, you have at least some knowledge of coding if you have plugins like the slider and mp3 player etc, but seriously its not hard to go look up some tutorials and develop a site, look for some nice jquery and throw that in. People won't take it seriously if they see a website like that, they'll think its an old dated site and move on. Just my opinion.

    Also to prevent spam you might wanna change the contact page slightly.
  4. avatar huggy baps