1. avatar guitarlover
    need one for my pod, get in touch, cash or trade waiting, 07598261295
  2. avatar deejill
    i have a vintage head for sale. 100w. all valve 1978. any good?
  3. avatar Peter_j
    What amp is it Deejill? How much you looking for it?
  4. avatar deejill
    it's a 1978 marshall jmp superlead 100w all valve head. 4 input version. good cosmetic order and working very well. maintained by tony hamilton himself. an absolute monster in terms of sound. all clean up to about 7 then creamy overdrive. great if you had a powerbrake or similar. vintage through and through. harma tubes. have some of the original mullards in storage. very few of them about. any i can find go for about £1000 or a wee bit more. that seems reasonable given the item tbh. buy a slice of rock history!