1. avatar AU Magazine
    Hi Everyone, we've just launched the brand new website into cyber space. It is the happiest we have been with an AU site to date. Check it out and let us know what you think.

  2. avatar thesneakybandit
    Nice layout and good choice of fonts.

    Would have been nice to see a bit of HTML5 and a responsive layout for mobile devices.

    It's all about the content though.

  3. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    looks good
  4. avatar Recycled Alien
    The font is way too small on my monitor, and when you use Firefox's ctrl+wheel to scroll it larger, all text disappears! I've never seen that before. Congratulations.

    It's some prob in the CSS, because View->Page Style->No Style "fixes" it.

    (The big blank white margin at each side sucks as well. And the font is butt-ugly.)
  5. avatar AU Magazine
    I'll pass those points on to the designer.

    I actually like the margin and the font.
  6. avatar mattagnew
    looks good!
  7. avatar Recycled Alien
    I just had a look at the CSS for the site. EVERYTHING is sized in a fixed number of pixels. Which is wrong, because it means the higher the resolution of your monitor, the smaller the text gets. (And vice-versa. Has anyone tried the site on an iPhone or the like?)

    Text sizes shouldn't be fixed anyway, but if you must, use points, not pixels. The browser will adjust sizes to suit the screen.

    Column widths and so on should be specified as percentages, not "width:621px;" or whatever.
  8. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Say the image in that column is going to be 621px anyway, what's the difference?
  9. avatar AU Magazine
    Cheers for the feedback, I'll pass this on to our designer as well.

    The site looks great on the iPhone, but there are a number of problems with other mobile devices. We're working on it.