1. avatar pmackey
  2. avatar pmackey
  3. avatar blakfish
    alright man,fancy a trade for a gretsch electromatic junior jet 2?

  4. avatar VimFuego
    Am interested, cant send you a pm...whats your email?
  5. avatar punkvsmetal
    Hey man, would you be interested in trading all of this gear for your tele? http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=50440

    if not, when i get it sold i will be in touch
  6. avatar blakfish
    alright mate, my email is elroy443@hotmail.com
  7. avatar blakfish
    you still interested mate?
  8. avatar dread_ends
    I'll trade you an Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bullseye and £50 for it?
  9. avatar pmackey
    Sorry for the late reply all those that contacted me. I've had a pretty hectic week. Not looking a trade for the tele. I have too much gear as it is. I need tha dolla.
  10. avatar fairjudge
    hi,i'll give you a cash deal.where you based- tel no. ,email
  11. avatar Mark1985
    Hey dude. Would u be interested in a trade for a tanglewood electro acoustic. Fishman Pickup , onboard tuner. Great guitar . Let me know sure . Cheers
  12. avatar punkvsmetal
    hey man. drop me a text, i am definatly interested. my number is 07762345827 with your location if that would be ok.
  13. avatar punkvsmetal
    Sorry my number is 07762345827