1. avatar Rebar
    Will consider anything from LS150 and above. PM me if interested.
  2. avatar scumbag
    at that money, why arent you looking at a used gibson les paul standard ?
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    Because he's looking for a Tokai?
  4. avatar scumbag
    for the same money, the les paul standard is a no brainer , thats why im askin .makes a lot more sense to buy the real deal which will hold its resale value considerably better.the mij are great guitars in their own right and ive played a ls150 , which played like a dream, but id still be looking at the standard if i was planning on spending that kind of money.
  5. avatar Rebar
  6. avatar scumbag
    if you have your heart set on a tokai loverock, have you tried bairds yet ? im sure they stock tokais as ive certainly seen some tokai strats there, give jon a ring there and ask him for his best price on a loverock, he may be able to cut some kind of deal with you. im glad to see you are interested in a les paul type guitar, i own a 2001 gibson 1958 historic reissue les paul with paf pickups and nothing comes close to the les paul sound. good luck 8-)
  7. avatar dave_bgc
    My first post!
    PM sent
  8. avatar oxo
    Bairds have a few jap lp tokai's in stock
    and more arriving in the next couple of days :D 02890 351351
  9. avatar Rebar
    Cheers Oxo, I'll give them a call and see what they have.