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    I'm 21, from Belfast. I play guitar and sing - I'm looking for a drummer, bassist, 1-2 guitarists and possibly other instrumentalists to start a band with. I have a good few songs written, a few recorded and I'm writing new songs all the time. Ideally I'd like to get a full band together sometime in August. I'm open to all sorts of influences as well, the more varied the better - my own influences range from Radiohead to Daft Punk to The Strokes to Aphex Twin (the list goes on)... all sorts really!

    I've a good few songs written and loads of song ideas/half written songs. Here are a few recorded songs (rough demos) so you have a vague idea of what kind of band I'm looking to form.


    If you're interested give me a shout on here or give me an email at dcullen617@gmail.com

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    Dave, your link isn't working properly. It thinks it's part of the Fastfude website. Maybe the code could do with a wee tweak.

    In other news, all the best with getting a band together. Your songs appear to have some thought put into them. I wish I'd been as capable at writing music when I was twenty-one (or indeed now).
  3. avatar davepcullen
    Woops, don't know what went wrong there, just removed the hyperlink so if anyone is looking to get on the soundcloud just copy and paste.

    Thanks a lot dude, those are just a few rough demos I threw together like but I really appreciate your comments!
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    Nice one mate, no idea what I was doin wrong there lol
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    Hi dave I am a creative guitarist and song writer from newtownards and would to become part of a band my number is 07742182479 cheers Darren gave me a text if u want to have a jam
  10. avatar davepcullen
    Cheers Darren, sent you a pm there
  11. avatar blackmambas
    Hi there. Recently just finished with my previous band, the black mambas due to lack of commitment and about to start up again with new band hopefully with like minded creative individuals. I'm 26 and from belfast.....comber originally. Would like to get together if anyone is interested. I have a good few songs already and a some good contacts for future gigs etc. I'm looking to get into something pretty sharpish. If you are interested let me know. Old link is .....mysoace.com/black-mambas
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    Hi Craig, had a listen on Myspace there and sounds good! What do you play?
  13. avatar blackmambas
    Thanks. I play guitar dave.fiddle on a few instruments though....
  14. avatar Danny Lynch
    Bout time you got started Dave! This guy's a top song writer/guitarist/producer/mixer and generally a good lad, so I urge anybody of the persuasion to go out of your way to get involved. I would if only I could loose this Thin Lizzy obsession and play anything other than rock/metal. But even you aren't worth that effort Dave! All the best mate, let me know when you get gigging!
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    Stop it Danny, I'm blushing.