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    Looking to form band we are ages 19-20,both have plenty gigging experience and recording.will have practice space in belfast.Require:

    -Good drummer
    -Strong vocals
    Additional instruments possibly(e.g keyboard)


    -to write and record music
    -gig plenty
    -get well known

    As for the sound, we are not entirely sure yet.Would rather leave it until the line up is complete. Although we both listen to hard rock, alternative rock, metal etc

    Please email philandrock@hotmail.co.uk if interested and for any past work

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    I'd be interested. I'm currently getting a band together too you see. I have a keyboardist on board and in contact with a few drummers. It could be cool uniting? My music can be found at http://www.youtube.com/like4jamin I'm 27 though. I hope that's not a problem. I hope you're well, take care


    p.s. contact me though youtube if interested or email cliffordarts@live.co.uk
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