1. avatar belfastlivemusic
    Hi my name is Chris.I am currently hosting a show called Belfasts' live music scene on blast 106.My show is mainly focused on giving local bands and
    singers the opportunity to be interviewed and their music played live as well as their recordings.If you're interested send me a email to
    belfastlivemusic@yahoo.co.uk or ring me or text me on 07752887856.
    Many thanks,Chris
    ps to all bands and singers ill be creating a playlist of local music to be played on my show also so if you would like your music played as well send me a email with details thanks
  2. avatar like4jamin
    Sweet Chris. I'm up for it. Got a new sound now, the blues. Sick of that mushy shit I was writing lol You got my number anyway dude, so whenever suits dude. I hope you're well, peace bro
  3. avatar mrtrain

    just a few wee demos. finishing off my first album at the moment but heres a few wee jingles.