1. avatar jsavlovesgeetarz
    Was walking past the old GE/Music Matters premises earlier. Its official,re-opening imminently,the guys were in stocking the place, looks like going back to the glory days when it had the best stock in the country.Apparently its new name is Belfast Guitar Centre after the name of its sister shop in Dublin. HAPPY FUCKIN' DAYS cos we need a decent geetar shop in Belfast.
  2. avatar coatzy
    It ll do well, if it stocks strings. Music Matters never had any bloody strings.
  3. avatar Telefan1
    I've never actually been to Music Matters since it changed hands from the GE
  4. avatar Strong Reaction
    Let's hope the Orange stock doesn't come from Argos.
  5. avatar goatboy
    Is the sister shop in Dublin called Belfast Guitar Centre?
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    I, and my 4 other sockpuppets are delighted by the news that the Belfast Guitar Centre in Dublin has now set up a Shop in Belfast called the Belfast Guitar Centre in Dublin in Belfast.
  7. avatar jsavlovesgeetarz
    Word is John from Bairds is involved with the shop, according to one of the guys from Bairds. What I do know is that every time myself or any of our crowd dealt with him in Bairds he was a real good guy and much liked and respected in the industry.
  8. avatar Nature*Boy
  9. avatar Clive
    I'll still be going to the guitar rooms in bangor. I don't think it can be beaten, it's great, so it is. Terrific. What does everyone else think? I think it's much better than this new "shop" could ever be.
  10. avatar iain
    I'll still be buying all my sockpuppets online.
  11. avatar Adam MD
    I heard the new shop is gonna sell unbranded sockpuppets made from old bits of the muppets.
  12. avatar jsavlovesgeetarz
    One of the shops in Bangor is not too bad, Dawsons in the Balloo trading estate so it is,the other one just round the corner is basic but nice enough guy runs/owns it.What does everyone else think?
  13. avatar tinpot anto
    Everyone else thinks your constant, transparent spamming of this shop, and running down competitors is putting people off going near it.

    Jon from Baird's is indeed a GBOL, but this marketing strategy is making the place look like a cowboy outfit. For their sake, stop it.