1. avatar like4jamin
    I wrote a wee song about Belfast. Well, Belfast is mentioned and footage of it is in the video. Listen to it and let us know what you think. I'd love to know if you think it's could be cool or it's just a big pile of muderfoker drool lol

  2. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    couldn't really make out the lyrics because of the effects on the vocals, but not bad!

    christ...but the Holy Land's a shitehole! you should write one called 'Fix These Fucking Belfast Streets'!:lol:
  3. avatar like4jamin
    Thanks man hahahahaha yeah, the holy lands are pretty scummy lol but full points for guessing where the footage was taken ;)
  4. avatar like4jamin
    bumping this shit. GOtta hear it, the blues finally found me :)
  5. avatar sailorbill
    I agree, the effects on the vocals are too much, makes it hard to listen too. Nice guitar work though.
  6. avatar like4jamin
    Gonna work on that me thinks. A lot of people mention that. I do try and keep the reverb down but then play about with it until I can't remember what it sounds like normal. Bad habit. Glad you like the tune though. Practising the slide like crazy and loving every minute. Thanks for taking the time to listen to it.