1. avatar Sansie
    Hey, we require a bassist to help fill out the low-end of our music. We're looking for some reliable, who is able to practice once a week in the evenings in Belfast (Lisburn rd) area.
    We need someone who is driven and a creative thinker, who can help develop the songs and add their own mark! We're mid to late-twenties, experienced giggers!
    Theres a lot of potential due to previous gigging experience and contacts gathered!

    The sound is modern alt-rock, tight, quite fast paced, with lots of delay and reverb.

    If you could PM or email me your details to sansie2003@hotmail.com

    p.s. we're practicing tonight around 6ish if ur free (20th Jul)!
  2. avatar The Donk
    yo sansie, could you list any bands or such like as to what direction you're planning on going?

    Been thinking about making some noise again after my overly long hiatus.
  3. avatar Sansie
    Hey Dave, yeh my own influences are Foals, Friendly Fires, Delphic, Miike Snow, Lykke Li, Battles etc.
    but the music is basically tight and melodic but needs a good solid bass line to allow the guitars to do more with the delay effects etc.
  4. avatar roryb
    is it too late just logged on
  5. avatar Sansie
    Hey no, we're still looking, if anyone is interested in the music genre/styles above give us a shout!