1. avatar nopicturepolicy
    My first post!
    New band from Lurgan, called No Picture Policy

  2. avatar goatboy
    I would like to make a comment, but unfortunately I have nothing constructive to say.

    Have you actually listened to it yourselves?
  3. avatar Fuzz89
    I'm all for keeping things nice and peaceful on here but here's my two cents:
    Ditch your singer and whoever writes your lyrics.
    I can see what you're going for with the quirky pop references,
    but you could've come up with something better than Elton John?
    More guitar would've been nice.

    It's a little bit funny indeed.
  4. avatar JTM
    I'm sorry, but I got 16 seconds into that first song and had to stop listening. I'll try and be positive with the criticism though, so I'll say at least the recording quality was OK.