1. avatar Sansie
    I'm logged in and I'm clicking on the user I want to PM, but its taking me to their WIki page, not a page to PM them???

    I'm using Firefox on a PC....just in case that makes a difference

    I've noticed another user stating the same problem
  2. avatar Sansie
    ok I think.....ive managed to send a message, jst by going into my messages, and clicking the 'new message' button and putting the username in that I want to send the message to.
  3. avatar Aceley
    Yea that's the only way I "THINK" it works too, badly needs made handier, I don't trust myself manually typing or copy n pastin usernames, too much to go wrong to be honest :P
  4. avatar byrnet
    Yeah not sure why PMs are so cumbersome on this board. From a technical perspective this site has gotten worse in recent years; can't easily send PMs anymore (unless I'm missing something) and sometimes when I click on someones username it takes me to Wikipages says "username not registered" or something. Plus no support for Tapatalk on iPad. Pity!
  5. avatar trickp.a.
    i dont trust PM. took me 3 months to get one once.
  6. avatar fastfude
    You'll be pleased to know a whole new one is in the works on Github. Written from scratch to actually, you know, work and everything. If you're handy with the PHP, contributions are welcome: https://github.com/junap/Fastfude