1. avatar rmvocalpoint
    Bangor based singer looking to get involved with a new project(s).
    Gigging experience front-manning a rock band and also as part of acoustic and folk outfits.
    Influenced by many different genres and eras, comfortable to sing in different styles (cannot scream however)
    I've written a fair few songs but more towards lyric writing so if somebody has some nice progressions and riffs I'm your man to write the rest.
    Also 7 years of piano/keyboarding and improv skills as well as decent ability with a few other instruments if anybody is looking keys and backup vocals.

    If you are starting something up or looking to complete a group get in touch :)


  2. avatar rmvocalpoint
  3. avatar mr_hoodoo
    pm'd ;)
  4. avatar unclean_dy
    Sent you a PM there.
  5. avatar mcstrat
    Hi there , Would you be interested in joining a blues band with some original songs being done . cheers
  6. avatar cassanova,baby!
    you got a phone number to talk further ?