1. avatar Mark1985
  2. avatar scumbag
    asking price is high, so why dont you like the guitar ?
  3. avatar Mark1985
    Never said I didn't like it. Just fancy something different. How much would u pay for it then?
  4. avatar Mark1985
  5. avatar Lorcan
    Would it be possible to try the thing out? Are you based in Belfast?
  6. avatar elroy443
    ignore that 'scumbag' fella mate, he posted shite in my ad too
  7. avatar Mark1985
    Locran…I'm in Donaghadee. Gimme atxt with ur address and I might be able to bring it to you.

    Elroy…cheers for the heads up dude.
  8. avatar scumbag
    elroy, take your thoughts and swivel on them mate.

    25 yrs playing gives me a degree of knowledge about buying selling. i owned a real nice mim strat once, and i mean it was a beaut, it cost me £295.only reason i sold it was because im a les paul guy and strats just dont sit well on me. it would help your case immeasurably if you posted some pics,use a free host like flickr or imagevenue and get the axe seen
  9. avatar thesacredhearts
    25 years experience being an arsehole by the looks of things.
  10. avatar elroy443
    you can keep your 'degree of knowledge' to yourself if you think it entitles to post shite like:

    'are you looking to sell the amp or not?'

    in my ad.

    swivel indeed, mate.

    sorry to fuck with your thread mark1985, im out.
  11. avatar Mark1985
    Ok, is anyone interested in the guitar or am I just hostin fight club!?!
  12. avatar Mark1985
  13. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Er, can you not PM on here anymore?
  14. avatar Mark1985
    Dunno. U interested in the guitar. Contact details at top of the post. Cheers
  15. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Just texted ya.
  16. avatar Mark1985
  17. avatar Mark1985
  18. avatar Mark1985
    Just make me an offer!!! 1st decent one gets it!!!
  19. avatar Mark1985
  20. avatar Mark1985
    Price drop…£300. Would rather trade for a tele!
  21. avatar Mark1985
  22. avatar Mark1985
    Bump. Price drop. Make me an offer.