1. avatar Brendzo
    Belfast based band in need of a keyboard synth player to complete the band.:100:

    Check out these songs and if you do happen to know anyone who plays keys/synth get in touch as we need one asap.:052:

    these are rough recordings but you can get an idea of our style.:079:


    get out of my town

    is there only the one
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    At first I wasn't sure about the vocals but I got used to them. Hey, I didn't like the vocals for Pearl Jam at first. Now, love all their stuff so keep it up. Especially enjoyed 'is there only the one' but also liked the Ska vibe in 'get out of my town'. I thought the lyrics were great in all of them. The bass and guitar lines where well thought out and worked well together, in my opinion. 'Hello Sorrow' was a bit long for the mood I was in but well constructed and seemed from the heart. Good backing vocals too. Unfortunately, I don't know any key board players but if I come across one I tell them about you. Good luck with it. I hope it goes well for you. What are you going to call yourselves? Can't remember the seeing the name if it was there?
  3. avatar Brendzo
    cheers bud, well like a said they are pretty much rough recordings some more than others, they were just put down as to not forget the song! The newer material is on the myspace link... and the same again with the rough vocals (me) all though the front man has them nailed!

    We used to be known as the polemics but we split a few years back, we a couple of new members so we think a name change is in order (still to be decided). Hello sorrow was one of the first songs recorded YEARS ago and we never really play it no more but i thought i would throw it in anyway as I. Our songs really do vary as we have so many influences from the beatles to the smiths to the beach boys to the strokes.

    Keyboard/synth players seem to be like gold dust around this place, which is why i posted this and hopefully something comes from it.

    Cheers for the feedback :D
  4. avatar Brendzo