1. avatar critic_al
    Hello, my dad/mum want to see about selling their old vinyls... obviously don't want to be ripped off if some of them are worth a bit. Any recommendations who I could get decent advice from? anyone know any stores that buy them?

    Example of stuff I mean...

    bob dylan - bob dylan, desire, empire burlesque, street legal
    big country
    beach boys
    joan armsrtong
    the eagles
    cat stevens
    electric light orchestra
    eric clapton
    duran duran
    van morrison
    pink floyd
    the police
    roxy music
    thin lizzy

    etc etc

  2. avatar johnnym88
    Try www.discogs.com for a rough guide to how much each record is worth. Unless there are any of any particular value it'd probably worth selling them as a batch.