1. avatar nashvilledrums
    My first post!
    Hey everyone! I promise this pertains to Music Industry in some form or fashion. I just stumbled upon your website tonight and love the musician community found within it. I have a few questions pertaining directly to the standard and condition of the music industry in your country at the moment.

    I'll be relocating come this Fall after marrying a beautiful girl from your country. So you won't be seeing any posts from me in the recruitment section for another six months or so but alas. I've been following the current trends of music in the UK and also just reading a lot of the posts of bands looking for musicians to fill their current tribute or cover ensembles and just wasn't sure if this is the general concession of what would be considered the norm? Many of you sound like producers or offer studio space for recording or rehearsing so I'm assuming there is a demand for musicians and music to be created which is exciting.

    I will say though that my background is in Music Business Marketing and Managing and have yet to come across any job board postings for roles specifically in the Music Industry in Belfast. Is there just nothing of that sort with regards to major labels other than radio here and there? I studied Drumset Performance at Berklee College of Music and finished with that and didn't know what the demand or need was or is for private lesson instructors? Do many of you teach? Is there a place for those of us musicians looking on the side or full time to work in the occupation or is it a pretty tightly held market by those guys who have been doing it forever? The last thing I wanna do is come over and step on toes you know :)

    Lastly, I currently tour professionally in the US and internationally with a Sony artist from the states that I will be stepping away from to join my future wife in Northern Ireland for. The things we do for our girls right? ;-) All of that to say... are there many bands in the area playing at that level, using backing tracks, spilt clicks, in ear monitors etc? And please don't hear any of this as arrogance as I'm fully just unaware other than a fiance' who keeps on trying to convince me that I will get work when coming over. Lol, I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Any insight, advice, feedback on transitioning over and/or the state and condition of your trade and industry would be greatly appreciated as I'll be coming over completely new to everything. Really thankful for the peace of mind you may be able to share and look forward to connecting with some of you once coming over!

    By the way, the upcoming Drum Clinic in September sounds amazing! Wish I was coming over sooner just to attend that! Cheers!

  2. avatar starttogetherstudio
    There's plenty going on in Northern Ireland, but there's a distinct lack of a visible centralized "Music Industry" It exists in the little pockets. Lots of friendly helpful people, but mostly
    doing their own thing.

    While there's not massive amounts of opportunities for session work, they are out there.
    Practically every aspect of "industry" is on the increase, which is promising.

    If you'd like a run down and contact list of companies, bands, studios, labels etc
    in N.Ireland/Ireland shoot me an email to rockyoreilly@hotmail.com or find me on facebook.
    More than happy to help.

    When you finally make it here and tell people you moved from Nashville to Lurgan,
    prepare for laughter.
  3. avatar markrock
    stay in nashville this country sucks if i was touring with a sony artist id be bringing the girl to nashville because living over here is the road to no town cheers mark
  4. avatar Motor Sounds Records
    Good Luck in Ireland M.

    I live in Lurgan and I can tell you its crap , ha ha, on the upside Irelands small so most everywhere else isn't far away, also if your moving for loves sake fair play to you, I tip my hat. If I were you I'd take Rocky up on his offer, he's well known and respected.
  5. avatar JoePineapples
    Nashville to Lurgan?? now there's a song right there!! Good luck my friend, I feel you will need it but if you can drum you should get work over here as there are a shortage of good drummers, especially up round the North Coast area, by good I mean those that can keep a steady tempo & don't sound like they're building a garden shed or falling down the stairs with a tool kit in their hand.... and if you step on any toes, fuck 'em, they should have learned to drum to the song & not to impress their friends!! I've never been to Nashville but I have been to Lurgan, stay in Nashville.
  6. avatar nashvilledrums
    Haha, thanks everyone for the feedback and encouragement. Although it sounds as though I should definitely stay in Music City USA, haha. I love traveling and am totally up for trying anything once so in an odd way just a bit excited about the chance to enter the UK scene.

    @Rocky: I'll definitely look you up on facebook and shoot ya an email, be on the look out!

    @markrock: I'm with ya, but I think the culture of family is a bit more important over there than here and would hate for her to be missing the fam all the time you know, lol.

    @motorsoundsrecords: That's what I was thinking with regards to maybe getting plugged in over the ocean as well a bit? So do you run a studio in Lurgan then?

    @JoePineapples: Hilarious bro, I definitely get what you're saying... and trust me, I'm well past my days of trying to impress my friends haha. They wouldn't care anyways, but I do agree.. It's all about time and feel.

    Thanks again guys for responding, really appreciate it!

  7. avatar RedReturned
    I agree, not many good drummers about here so would be cool to actually get one who has made a living from it!
    Keep us posted on any projects you get in on, would be cool to check out your work :)

    Best of luck,