1. avatar Daveitferris

    Hi guys, i'm in the process (alongside many other folk) of setting up a new website based solely around the Music in Northern Ireland. It'll feature interviews (video in nature) / reviews (live and demos) / Podcasts / video sessions / and a huge heap of other things that we're all clashing heads on at the minute.

    However, we have launched our Messageboard tonight, which is a cross between a Messageboard and a Social Network, just how we think it should be there days.

    Have a looksee : www.chordblossom.com/messageboard

    Thanks :)
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  2. avatar Farago
    I have every faith in Daveit. He is very passionate about helping the NI scene and helping musicians work together. This is a fantastic idea and Daveit has the drive to make it successful. I would strongly advise you to give this a go.
  3. avatar barafundlebumbler
    i echo faragos mesasage. this is a great all encompassing site and will be a one stop shop for all your NI needs tbh and its done for the right reason, care and nurture, that is all
  4. avatar thefonz
    nice one cant wait to see the finished product
  5. avatar The Lonely Cool
    Looks great! Will def be sending some band material here very soon. It's a great venture and I'm looking forward to seeing it take off!
  6. avatar barcodesonflowers
    My first post!
    Messageboard has excellent features and i have no doubt that the finished site will be great in it's completion. It's been in serious need for a long time, and Daveit has really attained that and developed the idea much further!
  7. avatar Zeek
    Great to see something like this coming along. Seems like a class idea, total breath of fresh air and hopefully something to really kick start the music scene in the north. Gona start getting the word spread to make this as succesful as possible to benefit local music as much as it can!
  8. avatar Ronan_mc
    My first post!
    Awesome! Daveit is the perfect guy for this, the knowledge, the experience, the passion, the drive, the ambition, the good looks........well......erm.....anyway. I wish him the best of luck with this and hope it does well. Its exactly what the Northern Ireland music scene needs.

    Good Luck
  9. avatar J7FGK
    This is a class idea, just what this place needs. I,ve emailed the link to all my buds, if we all do the same we can make it work.

    While I'm here if anyone knows a drummer looking for a band, we do covers 70's rock right up todate rock etc. We are doing a charity gig in Sept and a couple more gigs in the pipeline. Need someone who will stick with it.
  10. avatar pbluemel
    Excellent, cant wait until its buzzing!:)
  11. avatar iain
    Say hi to the sock puppets boys and girls...
  12. avatar Dog House Studio
    Awesome website, Great idea, just what the NI music scene needs. THUMBS UP!!
  13. avatar Daveitferris
    thanks folks!
  14. avatar Daveitferris
    New Messageboard online @ www.chordblossom.com/messageboard

    Also ;

    For all your musicians out there who are forever thinking and scribbling your song titles onto napkins...we have TWO copies of SetList Master to give away!


    This awesome piece of software will help you form a set in no time. Some awesome features, and trust me, it's comes in very very handy for creating setlists from the songs in your repertoire.

    We have two full copies to give away. To win, simply send an e-mail to info@chordblossom.com with youur name, and a reason why this software would help you.

    Winners announced Monday 3rd October
  15. avatar Daveitferris
    Bands ;

    Please feel free to add your upcoming shows on our '[i:221ea02d03]Shows[/i:221ea02d03]' calendar for all folks to follow and see.

    Besides, there's also features included in each listing like ;

    > RSVP's
    > You can Rate the event
    > All Folks can comment and discuss the event
    > And Once you post the event, there's plenty of social sharing icons below your event that'll enable you to post it to your social's in one click, without having to repeat your listing over and over.

    Have a looksie at it (and check the examples);

  16. avatar Daveitferris
    Little update to ask the wonderful Bands of Northern Ireland to start sending us their [i:4728e3a40b]'digital presspacks'[/i:4728e3a40b] so we can form them a profile on our new website in time for the launch.

    All info @ http://chordblossom.com/messageboard/index.php?/topic/29-chordblossom-band-submissions/

    Submit @ http://www.chordblossom.com/bandsubmissions
  17. avatar Daveitferris

    The good ol' lads from [b:1a41a2e05b]CHASE ATLANTIS[/b:1a41a2e05b] have given us TWO copies of their Brand-New Ep 'The Catalyst' to give away!

    It really couldn't be easier to win a copy ;

    > Make sure you're a '[i:1a41a2e05b]fan[/i:1a41a2e05b]' of [url=http://www.facebook.com/chordblossom]Chordblossom[/url] & [url=http://www.facebook.com/chaseatlantis]Chase Atlantis[/url] on Facebook (aka.. Click '[i:1a41a2e05b]Like[/i:1a41a2e05b]')
    > Finally, go to this [url=http://www.facebook.com/chordblossom/posts/282592751763123]Post[/url] and click 'like' on it

    Winners will be selected completely at random and announced on Friday the 28th.

    Good Luck!
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  18. avatar Clive
    What a wonderful oppurtunity.
  19. avatar Daveitferris
    Oh I might as well give up since clive who still ponders what interface to buy, is a sarcastic little firefly.
  20. avatar Clive
    I was making a joke because 'opportunities' is spelt incorrectly on the forum page. Funny stuff, eh?
  21. avatar Daveitferris
    I corrected it now clive. Fingers crossed it'll not keep you up tonight ;).
    Thanks for pointing it out.
  22. avatar iain
    [quote:2d779229ea]Oh I might as well give up since clive who still ponders what interface to buy, is a sarcastic little firefly.[/quote:2d779229ea]

    gosh, daveit ferris in "jumping to the wrong conclusion and making a dick of himself in the process" shocker!

    Just so you're clear, that was me being a dick and making fun of you.
  23. avatar Daveitferris
    That's okay iain.
    If I was responsible for your '[i:ad41753bce]experimental[/i:ad41753bce]' music, I'd have pent up vitriol, too.
  24. avatar iain
    again with the "i don't like your music" jab. I ignored it the last time you made it, but twice...? Here's the thing. I don't care if you don't like it, it doesn't matter in the slightest to me. What matters is that I do like it. I don't like your 50 albums of whiney emo shite, but I never bothered to tell you because I figured you weren't seeking my approval.

    So now we've established that we have different tastes in music, can you at least try to come up with some good retorts?
  25. avatar Daveitferris
    Iain, here's the thing ; You belittle almost every post i/most make on here, for no valid reason. But rather than get personal with my retorts, which is [i:a88874749a]your[/i:a88874749a] m.o, I decided to keep my reply at a music-only level. A bit Light-hearted, you see. Look at the [i:a88874749a]'whiney emo shite'[/i:a88874749a] comment versus my quip at your music above, and it's very clear that you [b:a88874749a]do[/b:a88874749a] care if I like it. Pick the toys back up fella.

    I'm not on here to reply to your endless drivel iain, but I will happily continue to do so.
  26. avatar Daveitferris
    Iain Holmes hearts Me.