1. avatar Brendzo
    Belfast band looking for a keys-synth player who can play at a good standard.

    We play all our own original material and we have around 50+ songs.

    The band have just got back together and we are looking to take this serious, i've up loaded a couple of songs on myspace to give you an idea of our material all though we have a range songs. The songs recorded were done on a 10 track and a Mac as we just wanted to get a rough version down as to remember it (forgive some of the vocals as I put them down and im the bass player lol).

    We are influenced by a number of bands, Smiths, Beatles, Rolling Stones, CCR, Elvis, The Strokes, Ramones, Bob Dylan, Stone Roses, Prince...... The list could go on but you get the drift.

    we already have Bass, lead, rhythm, drums, singer some one on keys will complete the set up. Below is the link to songs.


  2. avatar Brendzo
    BUMP :O