1. avatar Zifor
    our usual practice place is closed for a month. so we are in desperate need of a spot.Does anyone know where we can find a place?

    We arent picky on the drum kit (and this is the drummer speaking) as long as there is enough stands for a standard kit and 3 toms. 2 decent amps and bass amp and 2 microphones one will do.

    If you own a space or you know a place we could contact please send me a post below so i can get something arranged :)
  2. avatar PastyBap

    best in town!
  3. avatar TheVires
    Call or Email Vic

    3HR REHEARSAL - £25
    02890 236 451 / 02890 491 525
    E.MAIL earthmusic@hotmail.co.uk
  4. avatar JamLiveRS