1. avatar J7FGK
    Rusty drummer required, must be able to hold a beat, kit available where we Practice.
    Please folks, I have a charity gig booked and need your help to find a drummer, we are all good guys having a bit of craic and all in our thirties but not ageist or sexist. We play a bit of old stuff, bit of new stuff and a bit of inbetween stuff.

    If you can play or know some-one who can, PM me please. It's got that bad I'm thinking of offering a reward.
  2. avatar Zifor
    hey man if your looking for someone to play a charity gig im up for it. a gigs a gig in my eyes :).
    Where abouts are you based? (that will be the deciding factor)
    I can travel as far as Belfast resonably.
    oh and im 19 and ive played in bands and done gigs before i got my own gear.So id being my snare cymbols and some hardware and i can tune the drums if needed.
    PM me :)
  3. avatar J7FGK