1. avatar J7FGK
    Hey folks, band needs a drummer first gig booked, charity gig with two up and coming bands The Mad B's and Midnight Transmission.
    Varied rock based playlist. We're aged 31-nearly 40(can't say 40, he's bigger than me). You can be whatever age you want. Practice Kells area but will move it to belfast if required. Practice in Kells and there is a Kit waiting to be thumped.
    There has to be someone who wants a bit of craic out there...... Go on....You know you want to....

    PM me if interested, and I'll give you a call.
  2. avatar ninjacat69
    Hello sir! I may be quite interested actually! I live in ballymena, Iv played the drums for years now! Im self taught, and you already have a kit? Thats cool! I only have a Roland HD 1 electric kit! Anyways, contact me if interested! Also, Im 21! 07849783551 Thanks!
  3. avatar 3Ply Stagliano
    Where are you playing, when, how much is it in and what charity will it be in aid of? Not that I'm nosy or anything.
  4. avatar J7FGK
  5. avatar J7FGK
    NINJACAT will give you a call next week