1. avatar johnnychivers

    I've been out of the belfast music scene for a few years now due to living in london, however now im back i want to get back into the live music side of it. I have recently started a successful indie/alternative night called PANIC! and talking about music all day plus dealing with bands has sparked my interest up again in playing my guitar. I was in a gigging band a few years ago called The Novemember Criminals although no one really remembers us from talking to all the new promoters around belfast.

    Having been back i notice there is a alot of classic rock and metal style bands around belfast, infact more than what the market place can handle. I want to do something differrent! I would be keen to form an indie rock alternative band, so im just going to list my influences and hopefully get together with people who share these. I play guitar (fender telecaster) and can sing although writing lyrics is not a strong point of mine, but i enjoy the entire band contributing to the song writing process rather than the individual. I would like to get together with another guitarist, bassist and drummer...


    Artic monkeys
    The Wombats
    Foo Fighters
    General Fiasco
    The Cribs
    The yeah yeah yeahs
    Fighting with Wire

    Not really fussed on ages but im 21 if that helps

    Many thanks

  2. avatar fightoffyourdemons
    Guitarist here, I've been looking to start a band along similar lines for some time now, my biggest influences being Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Radiohead and Biffy etc.

    I take it the band will be based in Belfast?

    Also, if you have any questions for me feel free to ask away.

  3. avatar outshined
    I might be interested as a guitarist.

    Pm me here.
  4. avatar PJizzybizkit
    I would be interested, I am a vocalist Pm me
  5. avatar scott Jay
    Hi Johnny

    We are a songwriter and drummer from Ballymena and seek a guitar player to join us in original material.

    Together we have got our own original style of latin rhythms/jazz/rock with hooky pop melodies and a dash of folk guitar. Our vision of a bass player is to add a jazz style bass bottmom end sound to the mix with tasty bass runs. But this is just an idea of the type of thing we would be after, and not set in stone!I the songwriter have just signed a 2 year record deal for the release of 4 songs, which should happen soon.

    We both live and practice in Ballymena at the moment, but we hope to get a practice place in Belfast with the addition of new members. We both have transport so travel wouldn't be an issue!

    Give me a shout if interested

    Scott 07912759957