1. avatar mduke561
    Hi All

    So i'm going out to Uganda to help build a school in a week or two with Changing Lives Projects:


    Part of what we are doing is refurbishing some sound gear for the school and for a local studio! We are also going to be bringing some gear out (anything that can easily be transported - Guitars, Cymbals, Snares, Leads, Microphones, Speakers etc etc!

    We need your help!! If you have an unused gear we would love to take it off you hands! Obviously because it is a charity we can't offer you anything except the chance to say you helped a school make some noise in Uganda!! We will take anything as long as it works in some way!


  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Check your PMs

    - EDIT

    The PM function has been fucked with and it's not immediately obvious to me how.
    Email me at cclindsaybbc@gmail.com if a decent enough Westone Bass is appropriate.
  3. avatar mduke561
  4. avatar sailorbill
    I have an old bass I can give you if you let me know how.
  5. avatar mduke561
    Send me an email to matt[at]10manproductions.co.uk and we can sort it out, where about you based etc?


  6. avatar mduke561
  7. avatar mduke561
    We are heading off next week so if anyone has any gear that they don't need you can email me!