1. avatar thedarkling
    My first post!
    Singer and Bassist required for an Alternative Rock Band in the Lisburn/ Belfast area, with an energetic and catchy sound, aged between 20-23. Influences include:
    Kids in Glass Houses
    Biffy Clyro
    Young Guns
    Queens of the Stoneage
    Rise Against
    The Vines
    Taking Back Sunday
  2. avatar roryb
    what the story, when are you starting were will the practices be and wat equiptment is needed, etc i like the vines!
  3. avatar thedarkling
    Hi Rory, we are hoping to start ASAP. Practicing in Belfast. Equipment wise we are covered for guitars, amps and drums. What equipment are you running with? What other influences do you have?
  4. avatar roryb
    I have a epiphone thunderbird, harley benton (fender jazz replica) and an ashton semi acoustic. im 23 live in belfast, i listen to qotsa, sonic youth, the doors, the vines, pearl jam, etc