1. avatar wigamy cheston

    anyone know in belfast where is the best place to get cd covers and labels printed out?
  2. avatar blackdog
    This wee thread here has a good load of suggestions of people who duplicate CD's, 9/10 times they do the printing as part of the deal.

  3. avatar wigamy cheston
    cheers - looks handy - seems it might be dearer than i thought.

    i only need 100 done or so.
  4. avatar ChrisAftermath
    Try komodo. They are based in Hillsborough.
  5. avatar blackdog
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    If you want dirt cheap you can try Duplitape, but for us they were utter sh1te.

    (Note: this is not the same as Dupadisc, who are dead on by all accounts)
  7. avatar blackdog
    I used duplitape once, but their CD's weren't very good quality. I've got some of Komodo's also, they weren't good either I'm sorry to say :( The CD's errored out when I tried skipping to the next track. The covers looked like they were printed on a home inkjet from both providers.
  8. avatar tenrabbits
    I have to say - the other option is to spend 100 quid on a printer that has a cd printing facility (there's loads of them, even in the black hole that is dixons) and then just buy printable cds. Which are cheap as hell.

    It works best when you are printing a whole image on the cd rather than if you want just a name or something, as the printable cds have a matte/gloss white surface, but the results can be really professional.
  9. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    I've just bought one of [url=http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TDK-LPCW-50-THERMAL-CD-DVD-PRINTER_W0QQitemZ6795839263QQcategoryZ91358QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem][u:67ffc00d12]these things[/u:67ffc00d12][/url] from ebay for £30. Ideal for promo cds.
  10. avatar Captain Kennedy
    I have one of those as well Eamonn. Handy as frig, although I go through a shitload of print cartridges.
  11. avatar Underline
    [quote:b6cbb89810="tenrabbits"]the other option is to spend 100 quid on a printer that has a cd printing facility[/quote]

    Yeah that's what we did... An Epson R200 for £70 and then bought loads of cds and paper and ink from [url]http://www.svp.co.uk[/url]

    It takes a bit of time and is boring as fuk, but the results can be pretty good if you like the DIY approach.

  12. avatar ryankozzi
    underline what are those cases you have used there and how much were they and where from (phew!) they are sort of half dvd half cd i like them.

  13. avatar ryankozzi
    and lads those of you who have those thermal 30 quid things - are the ink cartridges steep?
  14. avatar Underline

    £14.49 for box of 200

    or they sell them individually for 9p each.
  15. avatar blackdog
    Hi, I'd like one CD please. Very good sir, um, 9p please.

    That's a cracker price - are they those blue bottomed CD's though? Do you need some sort of proffessional machine to print on ones that don't have the blue bottom?
  16. avatar ryankozzi
    Cheers Underline.

    Tell me -

    if i designed a normal cd cover is it the same size for these? or what template would you use? what program?
  17. avatar Underline
    [quote:1cdd258387="blackdog"]Hi, I'd like one CD please. Very good sir, um, 9p please.

    That's a cracker price - are they those blue bottomed CD's though? Do you need some sort of proffessional machine to print on ones that don't have the blue bottom?[/quote:1cdd258387]

    It's only the cases that are 9p each...

    The cds I use are [b:1cdd258387]Datawrite Titanium Full Face Printable (52x) 80 minute CDR in Spindle Tubs of 100[/b:1cdd258387] - [b:1cdd258387]£13.51[/b:1cdd258387] (The recordable side is silver)

    [b:1cdd258387]Kozzi[/b:1cdd258387], The cases are the same size as a standard cd jewel case rotated 90 degrees.

    The flat artwork for the cover insert is 248mm x 135mm (approx 5.5mm of that is the spine)

    I just use Photoshop or InDesign for layout and printing...
  18. avatar ChristBaitRising
    I have the Epson R200 also ..... great quality printing for my downloaded grumble dvds. The ink is cheap as well as long as u dont buy official epson stuff.

    I also procured 100 gloss labels for a tenner as I had around 150 blank DVD's which had completely non-printable covers. Not as nice as printing directly onto a disc but not half bad ....
  19. avatar Komodo Studios
    Hi blackdog. I'd just like to say that the CDs you have from us must be VERY old.

    It's a long time since we used blue CDrs or a printer that looks anything that looks like an inkjet. (by the way, you should have told us and we would have sent you a replacement CD. you still can, what CD was it?)

    Darrell uses software to check the precision of the writing to the CDrs, so I know that these days our duplication is more accurate than most.

    Hope that helps,

  20. avatar kinta1
    check out these people
    seems very reasonable (100 cds printed with cover inserts) for 95 quid

  21. avatar ryankozzi
    too pricey. your better doing it yourself then you know what youre getting :lol:

    some dude on ebay called balfast4 (yes he is from ere) is doing 100 labels sticky backed (printable on nero6 cover designer btw) for two quid fifty pence.

    not bad
  22. avatar ryan.feud
    we went with easyduplication, also out in hillsborough and our cd turned out lookin like this.


    they were pretty quick and all
  23. avatar kinta1
  24. avatar clss_act_00
    we used www.gradeamedia.com

    good quality disc, good price, cheap, flexible
  25. avatar ryan.feud
    erm i think we paid 200 for 120 cds, the more u get the less it is obviously. 500 glass masters cost about 650 or so etc
  26. avatar tenrabbits
    That is a lovely cover ryan - although that's cos you got a rather good graphics guy to do the design isn't it? Very swish..
  27. avatar ryan.feud
    guilty...me and jack dixon designed it.

    i recommend him fully, as well as easyduplication
  28. avatar Komodo Studios
    Personally, we' d avoid any sticky labels at all. They're virtually impossible to centre, and that increases the likelihood of mistracking, puts extra strain on the servo and will increase how hard your error correction has to work. Furthermore, if you leave CDs with sticky labels in the sun or if they're left anywhere damp, the labels tend to peel off, often making the CDs unplayable.
  29. avatar thescrews
    Can anyone explain to me what the significance of numbers +4/0, 4/1, 4/4 mean when it comes down to CD Inlays?

  30. avatar dupadisc.ie
    [b:09724c0c46][i:09724c0c46][u:09724c0c46]Note to all bands:[/u:09724c0c46][/i:09724c0c46][/b:09724c0c46]

    Many of you may know that [b:09724c0c46]Dupadisc Technologies[/b:09724c0c46] are one of the fastest duplication/replication companies in Ireland/UK, where reliablity, performance and quality are very important. We even supply equipment and services to several other duplication companies, recording studios & creative studios.

    On our duplication runs - The [b:09724c0c46]most popular demo package[/b:09724c0c46] we offer is a 2 page booklet, slimline case, SONY CD-R Printed*(1-4 col) with delivery to anywhere in Ireland/UK. *The SONY CD-R is simply the best!
    Example price/quantity: £120/100 units, £210/200 units, £300/300 units.........

    Our Replication runs - The [b:09724c0c46]most popular starter package[/b:09724c0c46] we offer is a 4 page booklet, Trayliner, Barcode, Standard Jewel Case, CD (2col) with delivery anywhere in Ireland/UK
    Example price/quantity: £750/500 units, £850/1000 units
    if your wondering why their is a small difference between 500/1000 units its because we get 1,000 paper parts printed (ie Booklet/Inlay) as in most cases bands/companies get re-runs, so it saves you more money the second time around,

    If you do find better prices let us know and we will be more than happy to match it once satisfied their is no hidden charges such as delivery cost etc. We do are best to be the most competitive in this market.

    Watch out for The Best Of Irish Unsigned Compilation in all good record stores soon........

    EPK - Need to get chatting to you soon, about the wee project your working on...........

    Good Luck

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  31. avatar dupadisc.ie
    [quote:65201699db="thescrews"]Can anyone explain to me what the significance of numbers +4/0, 4/1, 4/4 mean when it comes down to CD Inlays?


    POA - Price On Asking
    (2Col) 2 colour disc label
    (4Col) 4 + whitebase colour disc label
    (4:0) 4 colours printed outside and none inside
    (4:1) 4 colours printed outside and one Colour inside
    (4:4) 4 colours printed both sides

    I hope that settles your question - The less colour the cheaper it is and thats why specs are quoted like that.