1. avatar ziggy
    hey ive been looking at a few places on the internet where i can make a free website but i was just checking first does anybody here have any experience with this sort of thing ie sites to avoid and sites that are good? Cheers!
  2. avatar paul461
    You have to pay on this site but well worth it and not a fortune -
  3. avatar xsheriffx
    well firstly you don't want to waste money, buying a domain name and storage space.

    i use http://www.000webhost.com/ to test out the website before i decide to actually make it public.

    although the website name will be something like website.00webhost.com
  4. avatar dead_presidents_drummer
    is the site music related??if so are you on reverb nation? They have a web site builder available for a few quid a month. it is very easy to use as its like a wizard menu. with that you also get a domain name registered (.com etc) and you also get website email addresses. HEre is the one i built for my band using reverb nation:

  5. avatar Sansie
    Whatever you do, you should really make sure you get your own domain, so you can set up your own email address. It looks more professional and easier when people are trying to find you online, which helps boost your website hits etc.

    If your band name is 'foo fighters' then get www.foofighters.com instead of www.foofighters.somestrangehosting.com
    People expect your band name to appear somewhere in your web address so they can find you easily!

    Then it means you can also setup emails at your address like, management@foofighters.com , dave@foofighters.com etc

    Make sure you put some effort into your actual website design, bare in mind it may be the first thing people see when they find your bad. make it clear and professional, preferably with good quiality photos, and easy to find contact info etc.
    Make sure you link all your social websites e.g. your facebook/myspace etc.

    SETUP A EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION! When people stick in their email, they REALLY want news about you, so make sure you keep them uptodate, these could be the people who end up buying our cd!

    Although I can personally code websites from scratch, I still prefer to use Wordpress to set up my website, you can then download themes dirt cheap to make your wordpress look like a proper website, then add some amazing plugins to hook it up to your social media and make the website come alive!

    Im half of a social media company, so if you need any more tips or advice just pm me!
  6. avatar puresavagemusic
    PURE SAVAGE MUSIC PROMOTIONS will be offering a service very soon to bands etc that we will make you an easily updated website template, at a very reasonable price, which comes with full tech support!!!

    Interested??? Contact pete@puresavage.net
  7. avatar fastfude
    Avoid website-building-websites.

    Don't bother with blogs unless you actually have something to regularly write that's of interest to the wider world.

    Don't set up a discussion forum unless you already have a hundred-plus dedicated fans that will drive it.

    Do buy a domain name and point it at a Bandcamp profile until you have a clear idea of what you need a website to do for you, then pay someone to build that.

    Start with a minimal, useful and simple site then grow it based on demand from your audience.
  8. avatar Strong Reaction
    Yup, as Roger says above. Try and get something simple that ties in your links to facebook/twitter/bandcamp etc, then take it from there.
  9. avatar puresavagemusic
    Hence what PURE SAVAGE will offer!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pure-Savage-Music-Promotions/317611731713
  10. avatar Pavel
    Really, a non-ironic use of caps-lock, on the internet?

    ...ten years ago may be. Just, maybe.


    Anyhow, I do the same too (the old A Northern Light site for 'Chase The Ghosts Away' / [url=http://www.colensoparade.com]Colenso Parade[/url], and [url=http://www.kasperrosa.com]Kasper Rosa[/url] as examples mixing up simplicity and functionality), but would happily recommend Roger, and all of the above statements have got everything covered.

    Think it through before leaping. Domain is first, foremost, and absolutely the most important building block. Then talk tech.

    Ideally get yourself a good idea of how you want the site to function.

    Simplicity is the best way forwards as most people visiting the site, hopefully, are not yourself. So keep that always in mind.
  11. avatar ziggy
    Thanks for all the replies i think ive got sorted now! cheers again :)
  12. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    I know its frowned upon, but the only two sites i've made have been mainly built on iweb. They ain't perfect but functional. I am not a web designer but found it really easy to use and update.