1. avatar paul461
  2. avatar eddieapathy
    Just double checking that this is the head and not the combo version?

  3. avatar paul461
    Hi Eddie...Yip..its the 50 watt head only..I can send pics..I also have a Boogie MK 3 Combo for sale, this also has no issues.
  4. avatar Jameboat
    Interested in a trade for an orange AD30 head?
  5. avatar punkvsmetal
    Interested in a 100 watt marshall 6100lm all valve head? near mint
  6. avatar paul461
    Thanks for the offers..but I'm not interested.
  7. avatar paul461
  8. avatar paul461
  9. avatar Cugel
  10. avatar paul461
    reply sent.
  11. avatar danbastard
  12. avatar Bileofwood
    Interested in trade for Marshall TSL 602 combo?
  13. avatar paul461
  14. avatar paul461
  15. avatar paul461
    Mesa Rectifier Head now sold
  16. avatar paul461
    Deal didnt happen on the Rectifier head....now available again, cash only sale.
  17. avatar paul461
    MK 3 is sold but head is still available...F50 and mesa cab for sale as well

  18. avatar salfhal
    How much for Mesa cab? Been on the lookout for a smaller yoke.
  19. avatar paul461
    PM sent.
  20. avatar paul461
    Rectifier sold...F50 and Cab still for sale