1. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    kinda interested in outfitting a permanent rehearsal room.

    Maybe powered monitors,
    maybe powered desk & speakers...
    maybe a mix (pardon the pun) of the two, i dunno

    2 x vocals, keys, playback, everything mono
    you probably get the brief by now

    don't want to get anyone excited about a big sale, just window shopping at the mo'
  2. avatar flightstrip
    Leif,check out those Mackie/Tapco 'Thumps'.I use them regularly for both powered monitors and as PA system and they fuckin rock!
    Are priced pretty similar to unpowered speakers too.300 watts each.
    Would mean u only need a wee cheap mixer with effects and a couple of mics ,leads etc.
    I tried using these wee speakers instead of my usual bass bin/tops set up and couldnt believe the volume outta these wee puppies!
    Hey,if u want to borrow mine to check em out let me know.I may use these tonight in Morrisons as PA speakers and defo tomorrow night (in morrisons also) as band monitors;)
  3. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    Think i saw them in my internet window shopping session.

    i'm going to be in Belfast sat nite, there's a small chance i'll come in and bottle you and the band. Small chance.
  4. avatar flightstrip
    i replied to ur pm leif.tbh i just got the pa set up and left the soundguy to it but im sure the band was good!
    morrisons looks really well done up and the staff are dead on but,.,., fuck me pink...getting the gear in is a pain in the rectum!
    giz a buz and il lend u those speakers to try out;)
  5. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    The last thing i like is a pain in the plectrum.