1. avatar buttercore
  2. avatar buttercore
    Still looking for drummer :D
  3. avatar buttercore
    Anyone? cant do much with out a drummer :(
  4. avatar buttercore
    Still on the look out if anyone is interested :)
  5. avatar MagnumValentino
    Probably a dumb question, but is there any chance you guys have your own kit?
  6. avatar buttercore
    We dont but the practice room would, but you would need your own snare and cymbals as like most practice rooms. whats up? you interested? email me sure :)
  7. avatar MagnumValentino
    To be honest man, at the moment I couldn't afford to join a group located so far away, though it would have been handy if all the gear was already down there. The demo stuff really good though, keep it up and best of luck finding someone soon.
  8. avatar buttercore
    Alright no bother. well cheers for taking some interest anyway :)