1. avatar Clive

    I would like to buy a fairly cheap semi-acoustic and audio interface so i can muck about recording stuff on a PC. Has anyone got any recommendations for good value ones that aren't shite, or what I should be looking for?

    Many thanks!
  2. avatar flightstrip
    jeez, i thought u knew everything about everything clive?!but even though u chaff my nips il helpfully point u towards a digidesign m box,u can pick up a 2nd hand one for less than a ton.comes with protools LE which a 5 year old could operate.just make sure ur PC has a decent recent version of windows as it doesnt like older versions.
    id swap one of the ones i have for some magic beans but i may need it.;)
  3. avatar Clive
    Cheers, I'll have a look at that. Aye, sorry there for playing silly buggers. Thanks for the assistance! Can anyone recommend a cheap-ish semi that isn't bollocks?
  4. avatar flightstrip
    lol!its all good!i had a nice tanglewood copy of a 335 that played a treat.was also gr8 for a bit of slide.an epi copy too wd prob suffice and not cost a fortune.scumtree's pretty good for tracking these down;)

  5. avatar Clive
    Are copeland semis any use? Could get the one below second hand fairly cheap...

  6. avatar flightstrip
    are u confusing semi acoustic with electric acoustic clive?that copeland's a copy of an ovation.if its actually an electric acoustic then theres shitloads around.takamine do a decent entry level one.shop around.if ur price limit is around 150 then u shd prob look at secondhand guitars.better to buy a decent second hand one than a shit new one.just make sure u take someone along whos well into their guitars so u dnt buy a lemon!
  7. avatar Clive
    Aye, I'm wanting an electric acoustic, but would appear to be easily confused. Cheers for the help!
  8. avatar Clive
    What do you reckon on this then, second hand but unused for 80 quid?


    Is it likely to be totally shit, or will it do the job for someone who isn't much use?
  9. avatar flightstrip
    for 80 notes it may be fine for wot u want it for.id go check it out and see if the actions ok etc.i wdnt be expecting lowden quality though!
  10. avatar Clive
    I'll go have a look at it, will probably do the job. Thanks for your help there flightstrip!
  11. avatar martyfireball
    [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=46925]My digidesign MBOX mini for sale[/url]
  12. avatar Clive
    Sent you a PM there, Marty.