1. avatar buttercore
    Alright guys, 3 piece sludge/doom metal band starting up in Belfast. Seeking vocalist to do some harsh, loud vocals/shouts. In the lines of Crowbar, Iron Monkey, Yob, Electric Wizard , Baroness, Kylessa etc....

    Not seeking pure clean vocals but not death metal grunts or black metal screams.

    Must be old enough to drink and smoke. Experience isn't necessary but the balls to get up and do it is. Must be able to practice at least once a week.

    email me here \m/

  2. avatar hamiltoncallum
    Hi, am a vocalist working in belfast with another experimental tech-death project, and would be interested in an audition, am in belfast almost all the time, if u are interested please reply and ill give a contact number if necessary.
    If it helps at all, am a guitarist as well, whether or not thats relevent to the position, as well as a decent writer, again whether or not thats' relevent.
  3. avatar cabbo
    This sounds kind of tempting, and it's good to see other people who know who Baroness are. Bit busy getting String Theory stuff sorted and doing tech work, but I'd love to hear you when you get going.