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MAs thread..OPEN BLUES JAM last nite!
  1. avatar flightstrip
    Right,saves loadsa seperate threads having this one.comments,questions etc about anything to do with ma Nelsons,post em here.
    To clear things up i AM sorting out some gigs at ma s' !
    I am also making changes to the stage,sound system etc
    Im not doing the Voodoo Rock events in the Spring and Airbrake anymore.Im moving these(though NOT calling it voodoo fucking rock...ahem!) to Ma s'
    Im open to any ideas and suggestions and,being a musician myself,understand what bands want
    out of a venue(not to be treated like shite and be paid would be good for a start!lol)
    I understand Ma s' got off to a shakey start especially with us Fuders but lets try and move on
    as I believe it will be good for everyone to have a venue like this.

    Mike Wilgar
    [url=http://www.myspace.com/mikewilgarblues]Mikes myspace[/url]


    ach,heres a thingy to tell u wots on...
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  2. avatar EWRyan
    Actually can't wait for this flight - sounds like a dream come true. And, as we've said, Exit Wound are up for whatever the hell we can play!
  3. avatar flightstrip
    i know u r dude.ur even keener than me to get something going.
    id appreciate any thoughts on the sorts of bands/events u want.
    im moving my (now defuct and fuck all to do with me now!!lol) what was voodoo rock
    events to ma s' under a DIFFERENT FUCKING NAME!!
    wot else ye want?
    wot else DONT u want?

    (edited to stop children fidgeting)
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  4. avatar goatboy
    So let me get this straight. You are moving the Voodoo Rock events to Ma Nelson's from the Spring & Airbreak?
  5. avatar Chi-Lite
    An oul rare soul night would be good Andy. ;)
  6. avatar flightstrip
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  7. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    Is that Tina Calder on the poster?
  8. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Is tina calder the owner of ma nelson's now?
  9. avatar 10rapid
    What about a battle of the bands?
  10. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:6f4e0435d2]Yes MAR she is... sleg away if u feel the need[/quote:6f4e0435d2]

    I wasn't going to slag, I'm just not going to have anything to do with any of her ventures, so I wanted to check. I'm not putting any money in her hands and I would advise others to do the same.

    First you give her a ringing endorsement, then you claim you hardly knew the woman, now you're her entertainments manager? Thats some pretty good going.
  11. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    [quote:1e4fcbc0ad]What about a battle of the bands?[/quote:1e4fcbc0ad]


    Superb, sir.
  12. avatar savagebilliards
    I know what this place needs.....a name change. Sure didn't it work in the past:D
  13. avatar rpf
    Get Don Draper in to rebrand...
  14. avatar flightstrip
    mar,yer a cynical wee man arent ye?!lol.all im doing is helping out,is that ok with u,nobodys asking u 2 line anyones pockets.dont fucking go if u dont want to!anyone that knows me knows i dont do things half arsed and dont short change or con people!but i do like to help out when i can.i see gr8 potential in this bar.
    mar,u can whine and bitch all u want,i think all the fuders know wot ur like.
    at the end of the day all im into it for is to get some decent live music
    in a fucking gr8 wee venue.instead of being a keyboard warrior maybe u should
    actually pop down (maybe thurs nite) to see a band,have a fucking beer (i'll even buy one for ye!) and then u can slag away if u still feel the need.
    with reference to battles of bands and such guff im not really a fan
    but if if i was to do a botb i would make sure i had a sponsor,id never ask for an entry fee and id make sure all the bands had everything they needed.
    i think its reasonable for a venue to be happy with the bar takings,thats why i stopped putting events on in the Spring and Airbrake.The Voodoo Rock zombie drop dead disco made them a mint at the bar yet we still had to pay a rediculously high room hire leaving us with the grand total of....sweet fuck all!I aint in it for the money,im in it for a bit of craic.
    i wonder mar if uv ever been to any of my events?.....nah,didnt think so!

  15. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I don't care what the venue is like
    It could be the greatest venue in the world
    But if it gives money to a cunt
    I won't be going.
  16. avatar flightstrip
    MAR..ur a fucking coward.its easy to sit there and type yer hateful shite.nobodys asking u to go anywhere.just sit in the house,drink some bleach and play with a razor blade for all i care,but ur being a hateful vindictive prick.if anyones a cunt....its you!
    be a man ,not a mouse!dickhead!

    Back to business:

    Thurs nite THIEF will be playing upstairs with support
    whilst MIKE WILGAR BLUES BAND will be downstairs
  17. avatar blacker
    flightstrip you sound really dead on pal, and knowing a few of the guys who were previously involved in Ma Nelson's and got caught up in the whole debacle of the botb I know to look at both sides of this argument..
    Ma Nelson's could potentially be a great wee venue; it's close to studentville, it looks nice and if there's a place for decent new bands to play then.. wahey!
    But there's no need to have a go at someone like that even if they are voicing dissaproval. Smacks of being a wanker tbh. Like that bird Tina.

    P.S. Tina must be in her 20's is she? Where did she find the money to buy a bar?
  18. avatar blacker
    oh, and I'll take that free pint if MAR aint looking it ;)
  19. avatar flightstrip
    dude,ur more than welcome to that pint.yer man/woman/fuckwit MAR just gets right up my nose as he/she/it is so fucking negative all the time!
    i h8 people like that.and m8,mars not voicing disapproval,hes personally slagging off some one,just like u!lol.wot tina do to u?ur still welcome to that pint tho;)
    so lets get this out in the open....what,personally ,did tina do to warrant this cowardly cyberfuckin bullying shite exactly?BOTB?wot?
    just remember when ur typing yer slaggings that the people ur slagging are real
    people and may take it to heart,and,in this case,they are trying to run a business which they have sunk every penny into.
    im doing what im doing for the music and to help out,thats it.
    if anyones got a fucking problem with that come talk to me,to my face.
    il be in ma Ma s' should u want to discuss anything...and i will indeed buy u a pint....
  20. avatar blacker
    Ha. I aint slagging ye pal, I don't know you or him & I'm looking forward to Ma's being a success, cuz it'll be dead handy for me, & I think I've been to a few nights you put on. I'm just stuck in an internet cafe waiting on people so thought I'd put my 2p in!
    Saying that, ye don't want your thread full of replies to someone who isn't up for it anyway, & the bar shouldn't have to be working against a bad image posited online, misguided or not.
    Fuck, I'm even boring myself with my reply
  21. avatar tinpot anto
    Flightstrip you should know rightly that at some point you'll have to address the utter mess that Ms Calder left the reputation of the bar, so I'd maybe think about a decent workaround, rather than acting the prize spanner at the first mention of her legacy.

    Plus if the lineup's going to be covers bands and themed DJ nights then really there's not much to be of interest on here tbf.
  22. avatar voidio
    Have to say that i agree with what flightstrip is trying to achieve here!
    Our band played Ma's a few weeks ago in the now infamous BOTB and although we didn't exactly think it was that well run, we all thought that as a venue it had great potential, and the sound was immense. great on stage anyway!
    I think the influence from fastfude's slating of both venue and a certain promoter was pretty devastating on both crowd turnouts and then from further bands involvements, but to be fair, there were some really spot on points made about the BOTB set-up. And from there unfortunately it descended into a rather embarrassing slagging match!!
    BUT.. that said, Good on ye Flight, bring it on... there are some good venues in Belfast, and the more quality ones the better!
    Given a chance i think Ma's could be a wee gem... just look after the bands somewhat, and make sure they are not taken advantage of!
  23. avatar flightstrip
    cheers voidio,appreciate that,i can assure u bands will be looked after

    er,who said its just gonna be just cover bands and themed nights anto?and wots wrong with cover bands anyway?i built my recording studio(which i recorded original music in!) from the proceeds of my cover band!
    there will be plenty of original bands playing thats for fuckin sure...
    or im not a grumpy oul bastard!lol
    ive plenty of enquiries from promoters wanting to put stuff on.
    look guys,rather than ganging up on someone can u not try and be positive?
    if u cant bring yourselves to be positive then why not just sit back and watch wot happens,eh?sure u can have a wee chuckle and wring your hands in delight should i fail miserably!
    im putting a lot of my time,money and effort into this and i wouldnt be doing this if i thought it was going nowhere.

    (and for the record,i still think MAR is way outta line)
  24. avatar tinpot anto
    I'm not ganging up on anyone. You'd have to be a loon to think that you'd be able to quietly set this up without properly addressing the previous trainwreck associated with this venue, I'd say if you want to make a go of it, take a few minutes and work out what you will tell people that will put there mind at rest rather than doing EXACTLY what got Tina in the shit in the first place, namely being dismissive and insulting to those with genuine cares.

    I've nothing against cover bands either, but it's a different game, if you aren't regularly putting on, promoting and paying original bands to play their music then, at least personally I'm not interested at all, there's dozens of bars exactly the same, and I've no real interest in them either tbf.
  25. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:175c51f7eb]nobodys asking u to go anywhere.[/quote:175c51f7eb]

    You did.

    [quote:175c51f7eb]actually pop down (maybe thurs nite) to see a band,have a fucking beer (i'll even buy one for ye!)[/quote:175c51f7eb]

    [quote:175c51f7eb](and for the record,i still think MAR is way outta line)[/quote:175c51f7eb]

    I think the owner of the bar you're now entertainments manager for is a cunt.
    I won't put any of my money into that bar, its as simple as that.
    If you don't like it, thats your problem, not mine.

    [quote:175c51f7eb]Tina must be in her 20's is she?[/quote:175c51f7eb]

    She's 32. Don't ask how I know that.
  26. avatar darkprince07
    I wouldn't worry about what anyone on here says Flight because quite simply there are 1000's of people who use this site and it's only a select few who seem to have a chip on their shoulder for whatever reason. Regretfully they seem to think you have to answer up to something, but this is not the case.
    Anybody who has worked with or collaberated with Flightstrip knows that he is a genuine party in the music businness and is very good at what he does, it's just sad to see people blame/argue something with you that has absolutely nothing to do with you. You are a bringer of change for the good in this instance, and some still don't seem to accept that.
  27. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    Agreed, flightstrip seems like a top guy, enthusiastic and willing to put a lot of effort in, and I wish him good luck in whatever he does.
    I think the problem people have is with the bar owner and her laughable pronouncements on this very site not all that long ago.

    Hope it works out well for flightstrip.
  28. avatar 10rapid
    I dunno. I still can't read the titleof this thread without thinking "oh, is flightstrip adopted or something?"
  29. avatar savagebilliards
    Right any time i was promotor I have always looked after any bands I have had at my nights or brought over. This doesnt mean everything about all the venues I used pleased me or that I agreed with everything that went on. I'm thinking - 'give the guy a chance before pulling the carpet from under him'.

    I recognise the good advice people give on this forum but i too HATE the cynicism and nastiness, which there is just no need for.
  30. avatar flightstrip
    haha rapid,sorta wish i was tbh!
    ta darkprince n jimmy.aye it is the usual 'little bitches' on FF that have a problem.i aint got time for negativity so i shall carry on regardless.
    original bands,cover bands,DJs,themed nites and regular rock club....doesnt sound that bad does it?;)
  31. avatar anty2
    I'll pop along sometime. Andys a top notch guy and regardless of what people think of the current owner im sure Andy will put on a great night. If we start thinking about money going into the wrong hands solely from going to a night in a bar shouldnt we use that motto in our everyday lives?

    If it works out then good, its another place to play (within the city centre limits) that will hopefully be packed will drunk students who can be the best and worst crowd youll play to. If it falls flat on its face im sure Andy will be the first to admit it.

    Anyways come see my band ([url=http://commonbredtrigger.bandcamp.com]Linky[/url]) along with exit wound, jackalfeud & kobi in the Pavilion this Saturday. Doors around 9

    Shameless gig bump ;) xo
  32. avatar flightstrip
    haha,plug away!thanks for the positivity guys.och u know ive no alterior motives,just want to help get this place rockin!thats wot its all about!isnt it?

    hey Norn Iron Vs Morocoo match on tonight so pop in for a few beers and a bit of no nonsense nosh!republics match also being shown.
    big thanks to my sis Jo and legs lynsey for getting the kitchen up n running.
  33. avatar BinaryOperator
    I too would like to know if Tina owns the place. Can anybody say for sure?

    We played there ages ago, and whilst cash was being handed over to the "promoter" he was telling us he couldn't pay us fuck all - even after we provided some backline, and even though that backline had to be brought to the venue by taxi.... that was previous owners (I think) and another promoted who's already been slegged to death here.

    Best of luck with the venue Andy and all that but I do agree with M-A-R - and no amount of name calling and belittling will change the fact that I also do not want to put any money in that ladies pocket...nothing to do with objecting to the changes or not wanting to support the local scene and all that kak. Tina = dodgy as far as I am concerned, I've yet to see anything that would change that opinion. I don't see how not wanting to give Tina any of my hard earned cash is unreasonable, or out of line. If she is not the owner or manager then super duper. People just want to know.
  34. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    [quote:74ee11b09c]Norn Iron Vs Morocoo match on tonight so pop in for a few beers and a bit of no nonsense nosh!republics match also being shown.[/quote:74ee11b09c]

    Aye, because that won't descend into a beating match.
  35. avatar flightstrip
    i do believe ur refering to skot(mask mantra?)!hes fek all to do wif the place and does indeed owe me money too!but u know,im not whining about it cos thats in the past.i believe what goes round comes round so i aint gonna waste my time worrying about crap like that,or who owns wot,etc etc.
    im sure every other venue in belfast is whiter than white and has never ever pissed people about?lets not be so naive folks.i for one have lost count odf the venues that fucked my bands about,didnt pay up,double booked,etc etc but i dont go round calling them 'cunts'.thats just plain nasty and wreaks of someone whos bitterness even surprises them!
    Now if anyone else would like a dig etc please lets get it outta the way b4 i start with a clean slate,is that cool wif u?
    lifes too fuckin short to spend it being bitter;)

    (ps;skot...WHERES MY FUCKIN 100 NOTES???)
  36. avatar Chi-Lite
    I can see both sides here.

    Andy's a sound fella, and no doubt he'll bust his balls trying to turn the place into a nice venue. But the fact still remains that a lot of people don't like Tina, who owns the bar. There's a few bars in town that I don't like the owners of, and I very rarely drink in them. On the other hand, as he says, there's plenty of venues in town with dickhead owners.

    Hopefully the playing conditions there will be a lot better now that andy's in charge, but a lot of people will (for good reason) be wondering whether she will have anything to do with it.

    I'd be more than happy to play a gig for Andy, but not if i thought yer woman Tina was going to be sniffing about, sticking her oar in or otherwise taking any part whatsoever in organising the gig, organising the, paying the bands or making any kind of comment whatsoever.

    And i'm not on a bid hate campaign here. I certainly wouldn't go calling her desperate names - but I've worked on things that she was "associated with" before and found her to be an unpleasant person to have to be involved with in any sort of gig. And my experience is of something that she was only marginally involved in - I dread to think what she'd be like when she owns the venue and can decide whether you get paid or not.

    In summary, fair play to andy, but i think a lot of people want assurance that she won't be having ANYTHING to do with the gigs. That's the main thing. I wouldn't want to play a gig to have her big face telling me how loud it should be, or that we should be playing covers if we want to "capture the audience's attention". As far as I'm concerned she's totally unqualified to make any comment on any kind of music.

    As for money going into her pocket, I put money in the pockets of a lot of people I don't like. That's up to everybody personally to weigh the balance and decide whether its worth it or not. For example, I try not to buy clothes from companies that use sweatshops, but I'll take cocaine from columbian right wing paramilitaries. Global economics are funny things. I wouldn't be a fan of putting money in her pocket, but at least she'll not be murdering trade unionists with it...or will she?
  37. avatar BinaryOperator
    Ok so [b:8b85e8cbaf]Tina does own the place[/b:8b85e8cbaf]. Question answered. Thanks.

    Again, [b:8b85e8cbaf]nothing against the new venue or Andy and all that[/b:8b85e8cbaf]. Just Ms Tina. She may have nothing to do with the gigs, but she owns the venue.

    Difficult one, as I'd love to see this go a long way - but at the same time I'd love to see Tina go bankrupt. Bit like the oul marching powder. Sure tis great but the geopolitics of it aint. [i:8b85e8cbaf]Chips are nice[/i:8b85e8cbaf], but full of fat. [i:8b85e8cbaf]Fags are lovely [/i:8b85e8cbaf]but full of canceryness. WHY OH WHY etc etc blah blah balls.

  38. avatar TheJebs
    There are columbian right wing paramilitaries in Belfast Cool!!
    Makes a change from the usual shite we get!
    As for all this nonsense about the bar, personally I think all naysayers
    should give it a chance before slegging to death.
    Would you have played in it when it was Hunters? would you have got
    out alive when it was the Ashley?
    This may seem controversial but maybe give it a go and if its bad, then slag it to death
    Trying to bury a place online before its had a chance is not really good.
    Andy seems eager and keen, lets try not to crush his spirit just yet!!
  39. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:4db848c9f6]but i dont go round calling them 'cunts'.thats just plain nasty and wreaks of someone whos bitterness even surprises them![/quote:4db848c9f6]

    Yet you're happy to suggest that someone kill themselves?
  40. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    play nice children, or i'll start deleting posts or even this whole thread.
    no personal attacks!
  41. avatar flightstrip
    (mm..was just saying if u played with some razorblades and drank domestos i would really care,cos ur irelevant m8,irelevant to the northern ireland music scene as U DONT EVEN LIVE IN NORTHERN IRELAND ya nutball!lol.dont do it,im only messing and much as ur up there with VD as an irritant i wouldnt wish u ill will.cos i dont know u?!Anyway last nite was a gr8 nite full of good humoured footy fans enjoying the beer,karaoke and the nosh!(Gelding!)Its all good!)

    anyways,as this is a music site!....


    [b:aa8997bd7c]upstairs from 8:30......THIEF

    downstairs from 9:30....MIKE WILGAR BLUES BAND

    Thief will be showcasing tracks from their up and coming new EP for the first time live!!

    Come down see Thief perform a mix of old and new tunes!

    “Thief, are a brand new proposition; combining elements of funk, Jazz, rock disco and soul to create a mix all of their own. A sound enhanced by stunning musicianship and the unique, soulful vocals of Ciarán Bartlett.” - Empire Press Release

    Mike Wilgar Band will be pounding out blues harp laden original and classic tunes from the likes of
    Stevie Ray Vaughan,Cream,Gary Moore and....Led Zeppelin!I NEED to get up and sing a song with them tonight!Its all good![/b:aa8997bd7c]
  42. avatar savagebilliards
    Adults; who'd have 'em?
  43. avatar flightstrip
    not me....

    ("No personal attacks"...hope that extends to bar owners?lol)
  44. avatar Deadlights
    ignore all the pessimistic bullshit from the usual suspects on here Andy. Keep er lit, good luck mate, i'll stick my head in some weekend soon. Oh, and give us a shout in the new year if you need some gig slots filled sure

    Cheers, Mark
  45. avatar flightstrip
    damn straight mark.appreciate that.u just know im gonna rock the fuckin joint!using house PA for the first time tonight with our Stew flying the desk upstairs.;)
  46. avatar salfhal
    Just thought I'd offer another opinion (so Andy can guage how people are percieving his current venture).

    It's very simple, Tina tried to screw over impressionable youngsters on this very board, and was torn a new one for doing so. No right minded musician will have anything to do with her, or anything she's involved with, and as the nature of the scene works; we'll tell pretty much everyone we know, and hope they'll help us avoid similar assholes.

    Skot got involved with her ventures and his credibility died instantly.

    Flightstrip on the other hand has done alot for Fuders on here, and is well liked. Unfortunately he's aligned himself with the very same person. I know we won't want to play there in fear of Calder screwing us over like she did so many before. It's a shame, if it's a decent venue as people have said, and a guy like Flightstrip is running good live events, the only thing ruining it is the owner of the bar! I don't want to give her any money, or contribute to her getting any by bringing our mates there.

    BTW M-A-R didn't have a go at you, he was stating the obvious about TC, and he's not alone in doing so. As SDB would say, I think manhugs are in order.
  47. avatar flightstrip
    i did a lot for fuders!fuck...cheers.im in ma s right now being fuckin deafened.ach come on down n say hi to me...im wearing my FBI t shirt (female body inspector!)....quits yer sleggin and get out for a few beers...line my chubby wee pockets if it makes u feel any better!lol.

    (still wondering why oul ma mar feels fit to comment on a northern ireland music scene from so far away?)
  48. avatar tinpot anto
    Cause he's only there for a few months.

    Seriously man, you may be distancing yourself well enough from Tina's despicable scams, but here, you really should try not to follow her example in online discussion.

    A good example:

    Here is an event -> oh I have some concerns -> well allow me address them in a reasoned manner
    Result: WIN

    The TC Way:

    Here is an event -> oh I have some concerns -> FUCK YOU PLEB HATER SCUM DO NOT QUESTION ME
    Result: Insane FAIL

    I would urge the former approach, for all our sanity.
  49. avatar flightstrip
    "you are wise old man"

    look,if u tell me wot u want i will provide it (within reason!)
    but b4 u judge me please come and see wot im at
    if u think im wasting my time thats fine...i dont!
    i want to feel that im contributing to something good...the moment i think im not is the moment i fuckin walk away.
    come on...tell me wot u want...
    ive put on fuckin gigs in my living room and a fucking graveyard,i think i can manage it in a proper venue?wot ye reckon?

    (anto,u obviously know MAR well.can u not pound it into him that im just doing this for the music?i dont give a flying donkeys fuck wot happened b4 at this bar or his differences with the owner,or his views about her.im trying to do something productive here!dinay twist me melons man!)
  50. avatar tinpot anto
    Don't know him that well to be fair, about as well as yourself if I'm honest, he's mentioned a few times on here that he's away in the US for a period of time, but he's also someone who's been part of the original music scene here, and this forum for a much longer time than you have, so he's entitled to ask his questions and expect a decent answer.

    He's also perfectly entitled to withhold his money from a venue because the owner is someone he would rather not give his money to. I've my concerns about that too, but I'm more pragmatic and not one for grudges - especially not ONLINE ones, if what you put in place is something which is genuinely of benefit to the local scene, by providing paid gigs, good audiences and well promoted shows for original acts then truly I am 100% for it.

    So good luck with all that, but please stop taking it defensive. Acknowledge that Tina's an issue, and concentrate on what the venue will do for bands! Dismissing the TINA question as part of a beef between you and MAR isn't going to help!

  51. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    the way I see it is thus...
    yer woman Calder may well be a cunt. and perhaps she's proved that in the past. but [i:d96052d076]my[/i:d96052d076] experience of venue owners is that the vast majority are! she tried to run things her way & fucked it up, but at least she's seen enough sense here to hand the reigns to someone who seems to know what they're doing and who seems genuinely interested in providing a decent service to the music scene.
    any time you pay into a venue or club chances are you're putting money in the pocket of somebody who couldn't give a flying fuck about the 'scene' [i:d96052d076]or[/i:d96052d076] what you think of them...it's called business.
    flightstrip has taken a lot on here. not only having to get everything up & running properly, but having to deal with the legacy before him. bitching about this Calder bird on here only serves to hold him back. so why not just wait to see what happens? if it all works out, then the scene gets a new, decent venue for performers & punters alike.
    if yer woman interferes in what he's trying to do & it goes tits up, then he can walk away from her while she digs the hole a little bit deeper safe in the knowledge that no-one else will touch her with a barge pole.
    I say good luck to the fella...hope it works out for you!

    (now how about some rockabilly & psychobilly.)
  52. avatar Bileofwood
    The only reason I can see for this anti-Tina sentiment is due the P2P BPTB thing. Something that I have seen many other promoters attempt without the same vitriol being levelled.

    MAR's dislike is SO intense that it makes me suspect that there is something extra going on, perhaps spurned lover or something. Which is not an unfair summation based on some of the above posts...

    Andy is teh r0x0r, the venue has genuine merit and is quite well located.

    I hope this is a success.
  53. avatar Chi-Lite
    To be fair, the anti-tina sentiment is not just the battle of the bands thing. I wasn't here when that all kicked off, but then I came back and read and thought "Oh, [i:f774438abf]that[/i:f774438abf] dick...aye, she's a fucking wanker". As far as I know a fair amount of people have bad experiences of working with her, in all sorts of capacities.

    I pretty much agree with Boozehound, but also with Anto. Most venue owners probably are cunts, but Andy seems to be shying away from saying exactly what her role is here. We know she owns the bar, and there's no doubt that she will have SOME role in these band nights. And i don't want to have anything to do with her in a gigging context.

    Andy, will you be booking all bands, doing all promotion, deciding how much bands get paid, deciding what time bands start at and what time they finish at and deciding what kind of bands you get? I'd imagine you probably are,but can you make it clear that she won't be anywhere near the place? i don'tr want to play a gig that she's gonna be in any way involved in. If she's just a totally silent partner, as it were, who owns the bar but takes nothing whatsoever to do with the gigs, then i think that's fair enough.

    i just think you're being a bit cagey about it here, maybe for the sake of not being nasty about her, which is fair enough. but it would help everybody if you could just make that clear i reckon.

    Also, less of the shite RAWK and a bit more interesting music, eh? :D There's enough fucking RAWK knocking about here
  54. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    aye, but to be fair she can no doubt have a look in here and see what's being said, so I don't blame him for being cagey;) .
    I don't really know the guy, but from what I see on here he doesn't seem the type to put himself in a position where he becomes a puppet for anyone.
    so why not give him a bit of support in what he's trying to do, and leave the dealings with the said Ms Calder to him?

    and I agree also...to hell with rawk! let's have some swing, jazz, soul & good old R'n'R:D .
    (and rockabilly)
  55. avatar Chi-Lite
    I agree. As a matter of fact, Fuck Tina Turner or whatever her name is, get some good music in Andy and I'll be there every night of the week. What about a wee vinyl soul night downstairs of a Friday night. I'll do it for ya, I got the tunes that the Ma don't get fo sho
  56. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:8244838258]MAR's dislike is SO intense that it makes me suspect that there is something extra going on, perhaps spurned lover or something. Which is not an unfair summation based on some of the above posts...[/quote:8244838258]

    Awww man, how did you know?
  57. avatar flightstrip
  58. avatar darkprince07
    "and I agree also...to hell with rawk! let's have some swing, jazz, soul & good old R'n'R"

    Just don't come on the nights I'll be DJin' then, cos I'm gonna tear the place a new one with metal and hard rock. Welcome to the Dark side Ma's
  59. avatar flightstrip
    'Thief' were rather funky the other night.luv a good funky bass line.best funky oul bastard in the country is our noel henderson.just dont ask him bout larry Carlton!He went over to see him on 30th oct in glasgow and met him outside for a smoke.of the 5 minutes him n stevie were talking to him Larry spent 3 of those trying to get rid of them!lol..NEVER meet your heroes!
    Im partial to a bit of jazz,blues,soul whatever...as long as it tickles me
    lugs and has guitars,im up for it.
    as ive had loadsa PMs and calls from promoters wanting to put on
    events in Ma s'.Will post available dates soon.

    (re:darkprince:NEVER EVER challenge him to a game of pool,espec for dosh!
    he's a hussler as well as a metal head!);)
  60. avatar tinacalder
    Hi guys

    Firstly, I don't want to start an argument of any kind on here please as I am only posting to confirm and clarify what the position is here at Ma Nelsons is in relation to the entertainment. Any other questions can be directed to me privately like some people already have and will be answered. I am trying to minimise the amount of personal attacks not because it bothers me but because it really hurt my family last time especially my teenage sisters who were very upset by the whole ordeal.

    Flightstrip (Andy) has indeed offered his services to the bar both as a professional builder and a professional sound-man/promoter and I have very gladly accepted his assistance and am more than grateful for everything he has done so far and what he is continuing to do with the bar. It's great to find someone with the same amount of passion and dedication that I have (whether people know or realise it but this is not something I'm prepared to get into a slanging match about as there are very differing opinions).

    To clarify what the position is - I do infact own the bar, in the sense that I lease the building, have bought a previous owner out of their lease, paid key money and it's my name on the liquor licence. I am very much involved with everything that happens within the bar from operational issues which I work directly with my manager on to entertainment and promotion.

    As Flightstrip says, upstairs is available for use by local promoters and bands/acts looking to put on events and if the place is available at present we are offering it FREE of charge because our costs are relatively low at the minute. For these events I won't have very much involvement except where it has been requested I will help the band/act with promotion using all the channels I can. For those who wish to run it by themselves I am happy to step back.

    In terms of the general entertainment provided by the bar, for example, High Voltage rock club, Thursday night blues, Saturday night's live music downstairs etc.....I will be fully involved in this and any payments to any band/act will be directed through me. My background is in showbiz & entertainment and I have promoted several events throughout the years - this is the reason I took on the bar.

    I hope this has answered any questions there are in relation to the entertainment side of the running of this bar.

    For those who may need it my email address is tina@fameinc.co.uk.


    Tina :o)
  61. avatar BOOZEHOUND
  62. avatar flightstrip
    nuff said! For all those who PMd me wanting to put on an event I will get back to you with available dates.I was wondering if promoters would prefer to use their own soundguy or to 'rent' one so to speak?
    What im doing is leaving 2 1000 watt active KV Audio Bass Bins plus active full range tops which are more than enough to handle the size of the room.Theres are 2 multicores running from stage to the new sound booth ive built so u can either just bring yer own desk etc and work away ,or as i said,
    get in a soundguy.Im not always available as I may be out gigging myself.
    There are returns going back to the bass bins and tops and i will sort out plenty of monitors with 2 seperate mixes(keep them moaning drummers happy!)
    Im trying my best with the budget ive got but if anyone has any useful suggestions of stuff you'd like to have at a venue just let me know.
    (Im not seperating fuckin M+Ms again...im talking technical shit!);)
  63. avatar tinpot anto
    Ah Tina. If *only* you'd have gone for such a reasoned and sensible response first time round.

  64. avatar flightstrip
    (The Carpenters are playing in the background...."why do birds suddenly appear...")

    TONIGHT in MAs:

    [b:bf78ffa379]Asylum Goth Industrial[/b:bf78ffa379] upstairs for all you dark dressing scary types.
    I went along to Cornucopia last week and found myself strangely drawn to
    many bustiered females.I felt like a dirty old man....(i am a dirty old man)

    Whilst downstairs:WORLDSEND...

    (heres the science bit)
    "Worldsend are a band that challenge you to try and define them. Impossible to pigeon hole, they will always remain true to themselves. Featuring former members of Belfast bands Annexe and No Hot Ashes, the re-united four quickly set about pulling together a list of classic songs in August 2008, Worldsend was born. Throwing themselves into a live performance that would revive their passion for a heavier form of rock, the guys delivered an in your face revival of self interpreted, hard edged covers.

    Two years down the line, the guys have recorded their self produced debut album “Letters To Lost Souls” released in May 2010. The style combines some driving riff work with strangely melodic vocals; reviews in one of the UK’s major rock magazines have described the band as the picture of talent tempered by maturity, delivering an engrossing, measured performance of gritty, soulful rock (Kerrang 03/10/08).

    For those of you new to the band, welcome to Worldsend!!

    Support provided by THAT MAN FANJO!! (He's 7 foot tall so im avoiding him so as not to look like a munchkin)

    Downstairs at Ma Nelsons - NO Cover Charge
    Rock DJ also playing inbetween actsSee More
  65. avatar flightstrip
    Karaoke tonight from 7:30

    Watch out for regular "Karaoke King " Tony...he dresses in a smart suit and hands over an A4 list of songs!
    Luv the guy;)
  66. avatar izzys_return
    Flightstrip - keep her lit, like the passion your putting in, havent been up yet but will do as soon as, our band www.myspace.com/tommyshots would love to play sometime, i believe someone (perhaps yourself) is talking with our bassist about dates! Anyways just wanted to throw out some well done and keep her lit support!
  67. avatar flightstrip
    (yes id luv to take your bassist out to perhaps a nice Italian restaurant,the craic will be good,the vino will flow and who knows
    what will happen next... . . .;) )

    The diary shall be consulted on Monday.....ach fek,ive an audition over in Glasgow on thurs and me fekkin throat is killin me...this sucks ass!:(
  68. avatar Rock Danger
    Flightstrip - you're this generations Paul O'Shaughnessy.
  69. avatar flightstrip
    is that good or bad?Is he a sexy fat bastard too?Can he sing,play guitar and keyboards at the same time too?all whilst thinking about whats for dinner tomorrow...like this
    (note smoke machine controller and mobile phone in case i get bored and need to call a sex line)
  70. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    I'd no idea you were so multi-talentless, flightstrip.
  71. avatar flightstrip
    well I am Jimmy,even more(less?)so than you,so there...
    In my other band they wont let me play anything,only sing...i dont know why..bastards!

    'Grrr..Jimmy,if i have to sing The Gambler one more fuckin time I swear,I'll
    pish on you'
  72. avatar screamformelongbeach
    My first post!
    have to be honest: the ferocity of the hangovers suffered, having frequented the bar on many occasions, are evil.

    personally i love the place
  73. avatar flightstrip
  74. avatar flightstrip
    Rosemary St Book Hump....
  75. avatar Rosemary St Books
    Here! I really hope you meant 'bump'.

    Anyway, MY Da's got a bigger keyboard than that, so nerrrrr.
  76. avatar flightstrip
    i dont think so....
  77. avatar Rosemary St Books
    If I could work out how to save pics off the web on my girlfriend's stupid Mac, this would all be over. Just you wait 'til I get to a PC, tiny keyboard boy :D
  78. avatar EWRyan
    over compensation flight!
  79. avatar flightstrip
    indeed,i am hung like a wasp...

    Free jukebox today in MAs
    (some kind person is gradually removing all the dancey shite from the jukebox and replacing it with sensible tunage!)
  80. avatar Rosemary St Books
    [quote:6e56666beb]over compensation flight![/quote:6e56666beb]

    I heard Flightstrip's knob is so large it has its own knob. And Flightstrip's knob's knob is bigger than your knob.

    That's just what I heard but.
  81. avatar flightstrip
    i dont like to brag but when my angel rocks tells me to go fuck myself...
    ...i do.

    (then again...thats wot mick jagger once said)
  82. avatar flightstrip
    Pub quiz combined with karaoke tonight...that'll be...er...Quizoke then?!?
  83. avatar flightstrip
  84. avatar darkprince07
    That stage is fantastic now. Good work Stavro.
  85. avatar flightstrip
    Its all good metalman!unfortunately all those lovely lights aint mine so im looking to sort some nice house lights.anyone sellin any led spots etc get in touch.


    Mike Wilgar Band.Raunchy Blues from SRV,Gary Moore to Led Zep and a heap of original tunes.....Jack Black would say they want to cum in ur ear pussy..
    ...he'd be right!
  86. avatar Millsy_Kobi
    Alright Andy,

    Played in Ma's last night, stage is great, has real potential to be a fantastic venue, just needs (like Andy said above) new lights, and a bit of work done sound was fantastic even though I don't think the PA is top notch (correct me if I'm wrong Andy!)

    Overall, I can see real potential in the place as a live music venue. Good luck to Andy as he's a damn nice guy and it's clear he's putting his all into this!

    All the best, and if your ever lookin a band to play Andy, you know who to call ;)
  87. avatar flightstrip
    cheers,aye dude,makin the most outta wot we got.bass bins are dead on but really need some epic tops as iv just bunged some mckie/tapco thumps in until we get something better.if anyones selling any active tops,preferably mackie,rcf,jbl etc giz a buzz.ive a shopping list of stuff to get but as always its all down to dosh!bit by bit i hope to get the PA and lights as good as the stage.am constructing a nice big drum riser next week.im after feedback or suggestions so please let me know wot u noisy lot want!
    id say in a month or two we'll have a fuckin seriously sweet venue
    its all good!
  88. avatar funkyharpman
    Mike Wilgar has moved his monthly Blues Jam to its new home @ Ma Nelson's on the Lisburn Road! Now taking place on the first Tuesday of every month, you can expect to hear some classic blues tunes free of charge with some very tempting drinks offers.

    You can also catch The Mike Wilgar Blues Band @ Ma Nelson's every Thursday night. The atmosphere's top class and it's also free of charge!
  89. avatar flightstrip
    aw man,this was gr8 last nite!just luv the sounds of trumpet,sax and blues harp.lets build this thing up ffs.
    Mike n crew are back 2moro downstairs....come for yer much needed dose of blues!
    hope we can bung up some photos from last nite soon;)
  90. avatar username
    Looks like a great set up,has it been given the promised face-lift yet??

    Do all the bands/events ,play/happen upstairs?
  91. avatar flightstrip
    bands play both upstairs and down.u shd pop down on a band nite for a peek.
    best look up ma nelsons on facebook to keep track of wots on
    Happy new year to everyone of u dirty slut monkeys;)